Experience Your Greatest Health, Living Pain-Free, With a Clear Mind, Peaceful Heart and Joyful Life.

Seven Directions Center for Restorative Medicine is a healing oasis, where you will find compassionate care and guidance to restore your health and life direction.  A place where you come first, and whatever reason you walk through our door is important to us, if you have pain, if you seek answers, if no one else has understood where you have been, we will strive to not only understand but meet you where you are now, listen to your goals, and assist you in achieving them.  Too many times, we seek medicine with such great hope that we will be heard, and walk away disappointed; not here.

This is Seven Directions Center for Restorative Medicine, the office of Dr. Julie TwoMoon.  A doctor’s office unlike all of the others, where complex scientific knowledge and subtle energetics are integrated into every treatment and every interaction with the intention of real, permanent healing for every person we are fortunate enough to help. 

Why Seven Directions Center?

  • We treat from the root, addressing the cause not simply chasing symptoms.
  • We have experience in Chronic conditions including Lyme Disease and offer comprehensive non-antibiotic treatment plans.
  • We have been in practice since 2003 addressing the health needs of the Ann Arbor/Plymouth/Southeast Michigan area.
  • We have experience in multiple medical modalities including Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Qi Gong and Biological Medicine and Massage in partnership with Be Present Massage.
  • We understand chronic pain, and conditions with unusual symptoms not classically addressed or understood by most MD’s or Alternative Medicine Physicians.
  • We can explain why you are sick, what must be done and how the process is going to work.
  • We listen; we schedule appointments so each patient has a full opportunity to tell their story and ask their questions.
  • We believe that health is a total life project involving a clean diet of pure organic whole foods, movement, mindfulness and rest.
  • We offer ongoing maintenance treatment plans to sustain your health.