Are you ready to have the energy to live the life you really want?

Are you prepared to have lasting hormonal balance?

Are you ready to feel years younger, stronger and more vibrant than you could have ever imagined?

Are you ready to discover how to be truly, deeply nourished and experience a metabolism that works?

Are you ready to no longer worry about what the next 10 or 20 years will hold for you and have certainty about your health, your mind and your future?

For years, I have witnessed how deep this hectic life draws us down, and I have seen how little medicine, both alternative and conventional seeks to solve this.  Too many women I speak to are encountering deep exhaustion, frustration, hormonal disarray, metabolic issues, inflammation and are being offered nothing but propped up options and one size fits all “solutions”.

Watching this, I have been inspired to offer something different.  Our years beyond 40 are where we should be able to step into our power and really thrive, but if we are sick, and frustrated, inflamed, and overweight, we can’t do that!

If you want to learn how to turn on your metabolism, clear inflammation from your body, achieve hormonal balance, live in a connected spirit-emotion-mind-body place and step into your health and your power, we should talk.  I can work with anyone anywhere, so, let’s get started!

If you are ready, we can help.  Click the link below to talk to me about my program Thriving Health. I only work with people who are ready to commit, willing to make big changes and ready to take charge of their health and their future.  If this is you, then click the link below so we can talk about what comes next.

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Shaun Taft 

Working  with Dr. Julie and dedicating myself  to this program has transformed my life mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, Yes! It’s absolutely been an incredible healing journey.Yes! I am worthy of nurturing my highest and healthiest self!

I am extremely active and energetic, most of the time pushing myself through discomfort and exhaustion. My entire life has been filled with all types of sports and physical activities. I crave movement. But, and this is a big BUT, I never could slow down and relax. I pushed and pushed and pushed. After committing to my healing practices, I now honor what is right with my spirit. I rest when I need rest. I play. I enjoy and respect my physicality. I have an abundance of energy to tap into for both relaxation and movement.

I have always been slim and weight has not been an issue for me. But, in the last few years of menopause, I put on about 10-15 pounds. I was running, doing double workouts, watching what I ate and still could not take it off. This routine went on for about a year. I settled into the idea that there was nothing more I could do. Then I started my work with Dr.Julie in February. The weight melted away within the first couple of months of resting, eating my veggies and following the program. I was actually working out LESS and seeing the results a year of intense exercise did not accomplish. I am now back to my pre-menopause weight and feel good in my body.

The primary reason I wanted to partner with Dr. Julie was to elevate the suffering I endure from depression and anxiety. Over 20 years ago, I was hospitalized for depression, but had mental health issues my entire life. I woke up every single solitary day vibrating with anxiety. I had to perform a series of rituals and meditations to just get out of bed. Then, I would need to manage my symptoms throughout the day. This took an enormous amount of energy and sucked all the joy and peace from my soul. Again, after a couple of months following the program, my anxiety and depression symptoms are almost non-existent! Honestly, I wake up every day and feel at peace. No dread. No worry. No fear. It is the most incredible gift I could ever receive.  

What has also been a beautiful blessing is my relationship with myself. I have spent this time falling in love with me. I honor what is right for me. I set healthy and respectful boundaries with others. I have purged relationships that do not support my commitments to living in peace. AND, I did it with compassion, respect and grace. No guilt. No people-pleasing. No thoughts of “should”. As a result, I have more time to invest in me and in people I truly want in my tribe. I can give and receive love freely as I have been restored.

Probably the most dramatic result of embracing these healing practices has been the changes I have made in my life. I sold my house of 27 years and most of my belonging to have more financial peace. I have arranged my work life to have more LIFE and less work as a result of fewer financial obligations. I am investing in projects that ignite my passions and help me contribute my gifts to support a more positive world. This happened because I was OPEN to creating the life of my dreams!

I am living in the moment and rejoicing that I have space inside my heart to continue on this journey of healing. Thank you so much Dr. Julie for your coaching and guidance. My life is forever changed.



Claire Trefla 

Hello! My name is Claire and I have been seeing Dr. Julie regularly for just over a year. I came to her hoping to regain my health after the birth of my third child. I was struggling with postpartum depression, a severe lack of energy, and recurrent cervical dysplasia following surgery. I had no idea how where to start when it came to getting healthy,  but I knew I needed a lifestyle change rather than the pharmaceuticals that were being pushed on me by other doctors.

My test results showed that I had insufficient nutrients stored to deal with everything my body was try to handle and that I was suffering from adrenal fatigue. With supplements and a customized eating plan, I now find myself feeling better than I have in a very long time. I’m no longer dealing with all day mental fog or depression, and my cervical dysplasia has been reversed. With Dr. Julie’s help, I have also managed to quit smoking and find healthy stress management techniques.

Dr. Julie and her staff are friendly and compassionate. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a doctor who takes a whole body approach to healing.

Amy Osborn

I had been suffering with sleep hallucinations for two years (Google it, it’s awful), fell into “funk” moods for no reason, had migraines several times a month, wasn’t digesting food properly – the list of random symptoms went on and on. I just felt kind of awful all the time. Dr. Julie recommended hair analysis testing and it has changed everything! It took a few months of mineral realignment and diet reform, but now I feel like we’re supposed to feel. I sleep. My brain isn’t taken over by evil migraines. I don’t have week-long bad moods. And most importantly, my gut and I are now best friends.  I feel amazing! And the thing is, I first started seeing Dr. Julie for acupuncture for back pain – completely unrelated to all these other symptoms. But she starts each session sitting face to face to ask questions and really, truly listen. If it hadn’t been for these conversations I would never have revealed what was really going on and we would have never started treating it. So grateful Dr. Julie was put into my life!

Pamela Ramage

I’m so glad I decided to see Dr. Julie. The depth of information that it provided was much more than I ever expected. Dr. Julie was able to formulate a protocol for me, based on my results, to bring my body into balance. Shortly after starting the regimen, I was already experiencing clearer thinking and cleaner energy! I’m excited to see my progress as I continue this journey to true health!

Meagan Quinn

I started seeing Dr. Julie five years ago due to several problems I was having. I had gained 20 pounds and stopped having my period. According to my gyno, this is a common problem treated with hormones to induce a period each month and regulate weight. I refused to accept that as a solution and went on to seek council from an endocrinologist and eventually a reproductive specialist. Each wanted to treat this issue with a hormone. The clinical symptoms appeared to be an issue with thyroid but my blood work did not indicate this. I decided to seek out a naturopath. I initially started seeing a very nice gentleman in Ann Arbor who encouraged red meat as the solution (I was vegetarian at the time) but did not really have another solution. I live in downtown Plymouth and noticed Seven Directions one day as I was walking by. I called and scheduled a consultation. The first time I met Dr. Julie, I was hopeless and my expectation was very low. However, after talking with her, she assured me she could help. I started getting acupuncture and seeing her regularly. Every visit she would spend as much time as I needed to discuss anything I wanted. She is smart! Over the years she has coached me through so many various situations. If I discuss an ailment with friends or family they immediately ask, “what did Dr. Julie say”.

About a year ago, Dr. Julie suggested mineral replacement. In my case, I had toxic mineral buildup from years and years of birth control and beating my body up with stress, anxiety, constant travel, lack of sleep and intense daily workouts. Minerals are prescribed to help detoxify the minerals that have been stuck in my tissues for years. I could feel my body detoxing immediately. I just received the results of my second retest and I have made so many improvements that it is difficult to recall feeling as bad as I once did. Dr. Julie has held my hand every step of the way and has been so patient with all of my questions. She is an amazing Dr and person. I am extremely lucky and thankful to have found her. Thanks to Dr. Julie and the mineral replacement, my periods have returned, adrenal fatigue is improving, digestion is better and the awareness of my own body has improved by 100%.

The Mission of Seven Directions and Dr. Julie

I feel it is time for medicine to shift.  For too long we have practiced in a way which relies too heavily on technology and too little on the amazing ability of the body to heal its self.  In this shift, it is my belief that medicine should become profound yet simple, it should be sustainable for the entire planet, it should be affordable for everyone, allow for deep healing of even the most chronic conditions, treat equally the body, mind and spirit and be based off of our ever inter-twined relationship with the world/universe/field which informs and surrounds our being.  This is the medicine I strive to bring to the planet.  I do this primarily through the use of sound, movement, meditation, and nutrition supported by Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Classical Chinese Herbs and occasional nutrients.

Authentic healing doesn’t just foster physical health, it strengthens our energetic field, our sense of community and our desire to participate in the world around us.  It is my desire to facilitate authentic healing throughout the world such that we would all be inspired to live better stronger lives, become stronger caretakers of those around us, forego anger and violence, rescind our participation in fear and aggression and choose to live lives of compassion, balance and peace.  This is the intent behind the medicine I practice and the life I live.  AHO!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla

Dr. Julie offers the Thriving Health Program in her role as a Health Minister, intent on serving women to healing through unification of their Physical Bodies and their Spirit/Emotions and Mind. 




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