There is this awesome graphic going around about how when our mother was being formed in her mother, the egg that would become us was formed.
Imagine that, we were already being dreamed into being inside of our grandmother.
The graphic brings this to our attention as a call to awareness, and many people are using it as a call to the essential nature of good food and recognizing the need to care for ourselves and our growing children when pregnant.
But for me….
This topic, the lineage of women is so profound. Way beyond the conversation of “hey let’s feed ourselves better.”
For me, it is about the spirit place of: I was already being dreamed of and so were my children so long ago. Which for me opens the question: how am I enacting that dream?
For what better personifies the pure magic of our Spirit in action than this truth: a lineage of women lies in each of us!
That we were dreamed of so far back, that we would be here, strong and filled with hope, vision, love and purpose!
So, to that, I ask again of myself and of each of you….how are you enacting that dream? Does your life reflect the greatness of that vision? If not…why not?
I have been sitting in this space quite profoundly over the past few days, diving deeper, finding new connections, and what I have found is this calling out of…
To me, it is like the ground is calling to women, saying:
“Step up, get fueled, get filled in, get solid and focused and strong, we need that creative power of our mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmother’s now more than ever.”
But then, I look around and see worn out women, women who haven’t considered their own path in too long to count, women who dream of not being so tired so that they can enact the visions on their hearts.
And again, I hear it…..
NOW before it is too late
NOW before we are too old
NOW before we forget
NOW before we become complacent
NOW before we would just rather sit down.
We were being dreamed into existence inside our grandmother’s body.
Let’s enact the absolute magic of that dream, let’s not wait for one more day to pass before we say…
Can’t imagine how to make this happen for You? This is what I Do! Let’s talk!
Dr. Julie
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