No matter how much we want to, we cannot rush healing. We cannot make it happen in a timeline that we establish and the simple reason for that is healing is an elemental relationship of the body taking on a self directed restoration course. 

The fact is, most of us have been ignorant and unaware of what has actually happened in our bodies over the last 20 or 30 years. Because of that, because we didn’t have our awareness in those moments when we were collecting toxicity, when we were storing emotions, when we were storing chemical toxins, we don’t really recognize how big our healing is.

Because of our modern world, we think it should happen overnight, it should be quick. “I just need to change this or change that.”

The fact is, healing is actually the quintessential experience of reunification on every level of our being, and that cannot be rushed. 

Real healing is not just a physical experience, it’s a mental, emotional and spiritual experience that is linked to the physical. Real healing is about actually unwinding those toxins and those collections over the years, which means real healing cannot often be done in a very short amount of time. 

Now, what can be done in a short amount of time is to make changes that allow you to start to function better in your life, which can still be real healing, but when you try to rush it by forcing the body into submission, by doing extreme activities, really rigid diets, taking every potential food out of your diet, and not eating anything that’s joyful, working out to an extreme, taking pounds and pounds of supplements using drugs to force the body to create a new response, those activities are no longer healing, they’re manipulating nature. 

Now, we have a lot of experience with this because pretty much our world is organized around manipulating nature. 

But have you seen where that’s gotten us? 

Human manipulation of nature has resulted in calamity all over the planet.

So why would that philosophy be the best one to apply when it comes to our bodies? 

Truth is, healing can be a beautiful, magical, wondrous experience. But real healing is going to take time and much like the building of mountains or the carving of a canyon, it does not happen overnight. The thing is, there’s massive freedom in the space where you allow that to be true. 

Because along the way, that journey reveals to you bigger truths about who you are and your gifts to the world and the ways that you can thrive, and it draws into your existence opportunity, and expansion and love and joy and creativity. 

This is often missed by all of these forced methods that people like to use because they’re looking for an outcome tomorrow. They don’t care how they get there, or what else should have happened along the way

If we do it this way, we negate the broader expansion of our true self and the building of relationships and the building of our particular special place on this planet, which is really what healing is about. 

For me, healing is inhabiting our body so fully that we become a truly integrated being where the effortlessness of the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual become actualized in this present moment. And stays that way. 

That’s healing.

What would this do for you?

Dr. Julie

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