You can be skinny and healthy. You can be curvy and healthy, but you can’t be Exhausted and Healthy. This is something so sorely missed throughout the “ENTIRE” health world!

Our cells are slowly succumbing to the chronic effects of stress as people fret about the shape inside the mirror or the oversize of the pants, but is anyone really bothering to address the real issues here?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, lots of “professionals” will “try” to address the adrenal issues, by saying, “your thyroid is tired.” And then proceed to the long, tedious, expensive “guesswork” plan by slathering on nutrients and anti inflammatory diets while putting you on painful and boring restrictive eating plans, none of which are going to address the fact that your cells are slowly shutting down and turning you into a tired, dried up, old husk.

I can tell you unequivocally that I’ve never met a woman over 40 who isn’t suffering from the physical effects of chronic stress. Chronic stress isn’t something that most of us are even aware of.

Chronic stress is the accumulation of emotional, physical, nutritional, and the toxic relationships throughout the entirety of your life.

Now what’s interesting about this is, we like the feeling of stress. It’s an addiction. We love stress. We love the adrenaline surge stress gives us. We love it so much we seek out means to feel it more and more everyday. We put ourselves in the path of things which gives us stress, so we can have “that” energy. We are so exhausted, the only thing which keeps us going is stress!

This is why so many people love intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is in complete support of an “adrenaline surge”, which means fasting is just one more stressor on top of all the other stressors that are exhausting you!

Unfortunately most so called professionals are not interested in solving the real problem, and I sincerely believe it’s because they don’t understand how the cells actually work.

They do the surface quick fix, the band-aid, the most logically simple approach to a severe complex problem. Most people think health is something outside of us, but health is a sense of connection to everything. Everywhere. It is the inclusion of a connection to what is divine, our thoughts, our emotions, our food, our sleep, our feelings. It is what you do. It is how you move. It is all of those things.

I’ve sat with thousands of people and the one variable in every single case of chronic illness is exhaustion, and it’s being glossed over with so many band-aid remedies. Over and over and over I hear, I’m so tired. My mind is crazy. I’m foggy. I’m not sleeping. I don’t have a libido. I can’t find joy in my life anymore. I’m not living up to my potential. I feel lost. I feel alone. I can’t do this on my own. I feel disconnected and I keep searching, searching, searching, and not finding anything that helps me! What am I doing wrong! Why can’t anyone help me!

Exhaustion is by default the adaptive state where the life force is slowly being squeezed out of ourselves by an ever increasing sense of must, need, of doing, the have to do, should be doing, and the clamping down and trying to control every little variable which ultimately leads to an inevitable decline.

What I can tell you is real health brings peace, its brings joy. It creates real energy. You become calmer. You find your path in life, and it doesn’t require trying to control your physicality in order to get there.

Are you tired of paying the same debt over and over without real relief? Are you sick of exerting thousands of hours from your life with limited or no results? Are you tired of wasting thousands of dollars just to find yourself on the same hamster wheel? Isn’t it time you deal with the root problem and learn to conquer chronic exhaustion so you can have the life you were meant to live?

Yeah. It is time.

So, let’s connect and see if I can help you.


Dr. Julie

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