There’s a lie that is ruining the lives of women every single day…and it goes something like this. 

If I choose to advocate for my own healing, by addressing my exhaustion, I will deprive the people in my life of something. 

As women, one of the teachings we’ve inadvertently received is we must be willing to do everything that we can for what we love, have taken on or have committed to. 

Most women work more than one job…their career, home, kids, grandkids, spouses, and community obligations.  

They take pride in it…

I can multitask 

I can prep dinner, while answering email and helping kids with homework.

I am a superstar…I get to the gym by 5 every day, even when I am tired.

Over and over, agreeing to one more thing…despite having to push to do so, despite having a headache, despite needing to rest.

We as women have collectively decided if we aren’t overextended, we aren’t living.

And we hide it! We mask our exhaustion from our husbands, from our kids, from our coworkers,  subtlety believing if we speak it, the exhaustion will become real.

Well, guess what …it’s real.

Why are women more susceptible to alzheimers? And heart disease and cancer?

Have you ever wondered? Some like to say it is the beauty products …it’s not the core cause

Others like to say it is our hormones …as if those are wrong.

Nope, the ONE reason women are more susceptible to these conditions is that they pretend they aren’t tired, don’t need help and can do it all on their own.

This is it….

I can do a million things…no problem

I can manage my health no matter how complicated… on my own

I can volunteer for that…sure!

I can exercise and diet and skimp on sleep to look a certain way …even if it doesn’t make me happy.

If I choose to slow down, invest in me or put me first,  I am taking from my family.

These beliefs are dangerous! They literally kill thousands of women every year and and put millions more through cancer treatment.

Yet, we won’t consider it a crisis until we have a justifiable reason for slowing down.

What do I mean?

Well, we never judge the women who has breast cancer for working fewer hours …right?

We never judge the women with heart disease for slowing down, no, we applaud her!

We encourage women who are diagnosed with MS to do whatever possible to heal.

But when it comes to the precondition of all of those conditions, we are conditioned to wait until it is serious enough to justify.

How backwards is that?

What do you think a woman with cancer would give to go back in time and solve the problem before it began?

How about her family? What would they give?

It’s time to get real

Exhaustion is the pre state of cancer, and diabetes, and heart disease, it is the warning bell for MS, alzheimers, and debilitating chronic pain.

You aren’t



Lacking motivation

You are cellularly exhausted and as soon as you take it seriously,  you will have relief.

Women who work with me tell me all the time that having our evaluations and getting to take this seriously has confirmed everything they were too terrified to feel …they are foundationally exhausted, and have been ignoring it for too long.

But, they are also excited because they get to heal…not just the adrenals, not just the gut, not just their brain, metabolism, or nervous system …but the whole body from the cell source outwards.

And along with their healing, comes 

Vitality for their spouse

Energy for their kids and grandkids

More prosperity 

More abundance





And finally being in integrity as the woman they planned on being.

Now you have a choice …live the lie that you have to wait to heal until it is a justifiable “illness” or choose to powerfully say YES to your body, the instinct telling you this is not normal and you deserve better and so does your family.

It’s that simple




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