One of the biggest modern day challenges is that we have become so deeply separated from what’s actually happening inside of our bodies.

We have been lulled into a false sense of knowing and we’ve set parameters that make no sense and the biggest place where we become disconnected is with regards to the impact of stress on our physiology.

There’s a couple of things that people believe that simply aren’t true and number one is they think if they can rest, if they can take some time off work, that it will stop the stress response.

Number two is that if they do energy work or acupuncture or get chiropractic adjustments, it will be enough to stop the stress response and that simply is not true either. (Mind you, I am an acupuncturist).
The next thing that they believe is if they just get more movement, it will stop the effect of stress in their cells and that’s not true and actually makes it worse.

People often believe if they can just cut out the sugar reign in their diet, it will stop the impact of stress on their bodies and nothing could be further from the truth.

Now, the reality is that stress is a force that very few people understand.
Stress is an impact at the cell layer. The cells are literally altered by the effects of stress. It changes how you use energy, it changes what you do with protein, fat, carbs, it changes almost immediately how well you’re going to use your Thyroid hormones, which means if you’re taking Thyroid and you don’t mitigate the effects of stress, I guarantee you, even if you temporarily get a symptom improvement, it’s going to get worse in the future.

What most people don’t realize about stress is that taking weight off quickly makes the problem worse, and most people don’t realize that stress is the core cause of every single illness at the that gets generated in the body.
Now this gets missed because the medical system is not set up to recognize the physiological impacts of stress, because their model is too compartmentalized.

Many people quantify stress as a mental, emotional phenomena of which it is, but the reality is, the biological impact is a thousand times more concerning and if not addressed, will limit our ability to heal the mental/emotional layer.

I see it all the time, when I get to evaluate women in my program, we find that consistently women go, “Oh my God, I had no idea that this had gone so deep. and so far how was I still functioning?”

The answer to that is: your body will cloak the effects of stress from you for extremely long periods of time.

This serves a purpose, it keeps us upright, but the issue is: you have no awareness of it.

So you aren’t taking the corrective action, the end result of that is you will reach a point where you suddenly can’t keep up, or there will be a diagnosis of cancer, a heart attack, MS, CFS, Fibromyalgia…and there will be no return.

This is why most people don’t heal, no one directs their awareness to the impact of stress on their biology.

Stress is not just a transitory thing. Stress is pretty much the operating mechanism of most modern day people, and your cells are constantly suffering under that effect. It changes how you use minerals, it changes whether you’re going to even use the food that you eat, it changes all of your hormonal systems, it is the cause of inflammation, it is the reason why your gut is inflamed, it is the reason for every disease known to man and solving it is the only permanent solution to any of these illnesses.

There is actually no solution that ranks above solving this, whether it’s Hashimoto’s, heart disease, fibromyalgia and even more serious conditions, MS,  Parkinson’s, it doesn’t matter.

This is the cause.

The thing is, healing stress isn’t just about the right foods, or swallowing the right supplements, they play a role, but they are only one part of also needing to get into our bodies, inhabit our cells, speak healing, breathe healing and collude with the DIVINE nature of our beautiful system.

With my clients we go past the usual, we travel with love to the root and put in place means of real restoration and true healing, where anything is possible and healing happens with ease.

In this place, stress cannot rule and yet, life can still go on.


Dr. Julie

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