A strong metabolism is not actually what you think it is. Unfortunately, most people hear the word metabolism and think it is about how effectively I’m burning calories, but that really isn’t what metabolism is.

Metabolism is the function of your cells.

Can your cells use what you’re giving them and actually make energy and make heat and send messages? Can they move minerals and nutrients around? Can they send messages? Can they repair damage? Can they detoxify?

The reality is, your weight has nothing to do with your metabolism because weight is an entirely other factor.

Why we gain weight doesn’t necessarily equate to whether we have functional cells are dysfunctional cells.

This is a conversation I have with women all the time because I have women that I work with who do carry extra weight and women that I work with who don’t carry extra weight.

One of them asked me the other day, well if I have such slow functioning cells then why aren’t I huge?

It was such a great question because this is the lie we’ve been taught: if you are skinny, it means that you have a strong metabolism, and nothing could be further from the truth.

If you are skinny, it means that you have a mechanism whereby you don’t attach your emotions in the form of weight.

It has nothing to do with how well your cells work, which is why gauging weight or weight loss as a tool of health recovery is a really awful measure because in truth you can manipulate the body into releasing weight rather quickly and have done nothing to actually improve the state of health.

In fact, the studies show that the faster the release of weight, the more likely it is to cause refractory health problems. I can prove this because I’ve seen it time and time again that every person I’ve ever seen lose weight rapidly also encountered a drop in body temperature and a change in pulse rate that was not towards the ideal.

So they physically looked better, which means they convinced themselves that they were a better and a lot of times their blood labs will improve. But the, that’s the other secret. Blood labs are horrible markers for where your true vitality is. It does not tell you what’s happening at the cell layer, blood is a layer of the body far out into the surface, not comparative to the cell layer. Your body will maintain the patency of the blood ahead of every other tissue.

So even when people say, well, I got my thyroid labs to go to normal, it honestly doesn’t mean much.  Almost every woman I have ever worked with, including myself had totally normal labs and a completely dysfunctional Thyroid system.

Metabolism is not, can I burn calories?

Metabolism is in fact, can, my cells use and make energy efficiently using the mitochondria, meaning that they have to be able to use glucose and fructose in order to do that, it is in effect a real measure of inflammation, aging, propensity to cancer, heart disease and chronic disease.

This is why low carb diets cannot possibly improve the cellular metabolism because they force the body to use protein and fat in order to produce energy, which makes lactic acid and nitric oxide instead of water and ATP, effectively, making the elements of disease.  Not to mention, it is inefficient, and uses up more nutrients, wastes nutrients thus being a stress over the long term, which is why you will see people who do long term Keto and long term intermittent fasting, and long term low carb, they eventually all have the same common problems emerge where they can’t sustain their energy, they get cold, they feel anxious, they get aggro, they get extremely angry, rage filled, and they don’t know why, well, this is the exact reason why. (I know, I’ve been there).

Now most of those people also end up bingeing on carbs because the fact is their body will call out for real fuel, the ideal fuel.  Which they then follow with restriction again, putting their body on a horrible metabolic seesaw, which creates 10 times more inflammation than just eating carbs in the first place.

This is what gets missed.

Having a fast or a slow metabolism does not have anything to do with caloric intake. Metabolism in truth is about the cell. So don’t use your weight as a gauge to whether you’re healthy or not because it’s very misleading. And in fact, some of the thinnest people I’ve ever seen, we’re actually some of the sickest.

What’s very important is that you know the status of your cellular structures and you know the status of how your body is actually functioning deep at that layer. Because it is the one thing that will be predictive of your future health.

Dr. Julie

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