The winter storm of New Year’s Day, 2015, clears from the Grand Canyon as the sun sets painting Isis Temple in a golden light.

Its funny, we are a collection of life…70 trillion cells working in concert, collaborating, cooperating, all with a focus on one goal…the best experience for us…the individual experiencing life.  Yet, when we are offered healing, it ends up being about subduing those cells, reining them in, corralling them into function…when they were championing us the whole time.

Doesn’t it strike you as odd, that our healing model assumes ignorance and dysfunction?  Doesn’t it seem so out of alignment to what we have experienced our whole life?

I mean think about it, when has your body not tried to help you heal?

When you fell off your bike as a kid…did your skin scab over and eventually heal even though you didn’t tell it to?

When you have had a cold or the flu….did your body send all kinds of complex immune modulators to the right spots to clean up the mess even though you wouldn’t have the foggiest idea of how to direct it to do all of that?

How about when you have done something silly like drank too much or eaten spoiled food…did your body create conditions of wonder…causing you to vomit and expel those toxins even though you weren’t telling it to?

We live in a body of wonder, intelligent, amazing, organized wonder.

Yet, everyday I hear people talking about trying to “control” their cravings, or “kill” off candida…it is all so outside of us.

Like we stand opposite our body and assume dysfunction, assume ignorance, when we have millions of references to the contrary.  We are living in a miracle we don’t even know and few can feel that.

Its funny, because we will say it logically, from our head “I know I live in a miracle” but then we judge ourselves so harshly…imagine being on the receiving end of that.  Talk about stress, talk about feeling unworthy and unwell.

Being well is an end result of being in collusion with our biology, of being in compassionate relationship with our cell systems and honoring the needs of our system. 

We do this by meeting our cell needs, by lowering the stress, both life and biological and by getting back into relationship with our whole self.

It honestly isn’t that hard, but it is essential, unrestrained stress has consistent, logical outcomes: 





Whole self healing, this is essential, because it isn’t just about the symptoms, but our experience in this life, on this plane.  Not one of us came here to play small, to remain insignificant, to eek by with our head down, just pushing on towards tomorrow.  

When your body holds the spark of the vitality you are meant to express, then, the options, the plan becomes infinite and expansive.  That is what’s waiting beyond bandaid remedies and quick fix diets, that is the magic in Collusive healing, in deep biological partnership.


Dr. Julie and the Thriving Health Team

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