Let me ask you, if weight loss is something you’re focused on at this point in your life what are looking for?


What is the driving force behind wanting that weight to move?


Is it just a cosmetic thing?

Is it just “I want to put on a pair of jeans and like how they feel?”


Is it wanting the reflection in the mirror to match the you that you feel you are inside your body? Is it wanting to be at ease? Is it wanting to be in flow? Is it wanting to sit in a chair and feel a certain way?


There’s no judgment here. Those are all really great reasons many of us have for wanting to lose weight.  But I wonder are you really looking for just weight loss?


See the way that weight loss is marketed to us, we’re taught to focus on the image of the outcome, which is great, but we’re not given a whole lot of inspiration, instruction, or guidance as to where else we should put our focus, like why did we gain the weight in the first place?


Was it really that we have uncontrollable urges or because we overeat all the time, put the wrong things into our body and mindlessly consume?


For most of you, the answer’s no.


Is it that we have a broken metabolism that needs to be revved and stimulated and put back into action? I’ll venture a guess that some of you have definitely had that thought about your body…but to that, let me ask you, how does something Divine get broken and is it that your metabolism is broken or is it that you live in an exhausted body?


Is it possible that your body is exhausted to the point where losing weight is a losing proposition? Let me explain,  if your body’s systems are exhausted and you go on a diet, well one of two things is likely to happen. One is whatever you’re doing will be extreme enough that your body will sacrifice the needs of organ systems in order to accomplish your goal of weight loss. In the process, you’ll get thinner, but organ systems will actually grow weaker and the long term consequences will be ill health and more wear down.


The second option is you’ll diet and have no response because your body’s in effect saying, look, I thought you wanted to stay alive… I thought you wanted me to run the heart and the lungs and the kidneys…I thought that was our priority I am dedicated to keeping us alive, but taking off the weight requires more energy than we have to spare and therefore it’s falling on deaf ears. We can’t do that.


These literally are the two choices our bodies face most of the time, when we go about losing weight.  This is true whether that’s caloric restriction, super-intense diets, intense diets with super intense exercise, or just super intense exercise…heck even if it’s mild dietary changes and medium exercise… because if you live in an exhausted system, the capacity for change is going to be limited by the capacity for energy production.  


In this scenario, exercising more is not going to be a way to get more energy and cutting down on calories is not going to be a way to get more energy. Now I get it,  logic would dictate if I cut down calories, my body will necessarily burn what it needs to facilitate weight loss. Except for the fact if liberating that energy out of tissues requires more energy than you have available for use in reserve, it’s not gonna happen.

Hence the question we really should be asking is…

Do I want health gain and restoration of my body or do I want weight loss?


Because almost anybody can deliver you weight loss. That’s why doctors are prescribing phentermine like it’s candy, (which by the way are just amphetamines.)


This is why the Keto diet is making waves. That’s why people are intermittent fasting, figuring, oh, that’s problem, if I put my body into a fasting state, I would liberate this capacity for making more energy. (it is actually a crazy intermittent fasting program promotion which prompted this post)


What if the solution was to pay attention to the energy side of the equation as our predominant focus in order to allow the full recovery of the mechanism so that our body could then effortlessly get to a state of balance that would include weight loss as a default, and would also include certainty, resiliency, reserves,  longevity and protection from chronic disease as an absolute.


What would that be like? What if the illusion has been that the goal is weight loss?  What is the goal has never been weight loss?


What if weight loss is the byproduct of a healthy, restored system and getting to truth and honesty about the degree of wear down that we’ve been putting ourselves through is the first and most necessary step to get us to the place where weight loss is an achievable option.


What if we stopped chasing it down, and started compassionately understanding that if I don’t solve this energy problem, it won’t matter if I’m fat or thin… I’m going to be sick either way.


What if that is true? What is that going to cost us?


I would say more than any of us are willing to pay.


So if you’ve been looking at the problem of weight and thinking, I really need this to move, it’s really affecting my life. Great. Now consider the question:

Am I ready to face the truth…am I willing to solve the cellular energy problem so that my weight can regulate itself and in the process, free up the energy to be the best example of me possible in the world while enjoying my body and living with respect and regard to my purpose and my longevity all at the same time?


If the answer’s yes, then reach out because I can help you do that.


Dr. Julie

To talk about healing your energy systems click here to set up a Clarity Call

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