Are you concerned about your skin?

Societally, we spend billions trying to improve or enhance the look and feel of our skin and how our face presents to the world.  Now those billions say something profound…we don’t like what we see and are willing to pay big money to fix it.

Reality is, we are aging rapidly.  

Now, let me ask, is that a skin problem or a body one?

Is putting all of these lotions,  potions and creams on our face doing anything to actually solve it?

Perhaps even more so, Is it potentially causing harm?

Is it creating toxicity in our organs and therefore raising our risk for cancer?

Is it also distracting us from the reality of our situation to the point where we falsely believe we have more time?

I’ve noticed that a lot of women lathering on makeup to create a dewy, fresh look of healthy, supple skin when in reality if they take all that off, there’s dark circles,  bags under the eyes, wrinkles and red patches…all signs of inflammation and rapid cellular aging, not to mention…

depletion of the kidney energy and therefore our actual longevity

Depletion of our yang Qi and therefore vitality

Inflammation in the gut

Food sensitivities

Hormonal imbalances

Rigidity at cell membranes

Liver toxicity

Extreme fatigue

Now, we all want to look our best, to present our best in every situation.

After all, how we look impacts how we interact, it appears to impact how others approach us, and the impact we have.  Not that everyone has to present as one model of a woman, but it cannot be ignored that when we feel vibrant, vivacious, strong, and glowing, we present our best.

But skin care routines will not get you there.

It all happens from the inside.

Your face is synonymous with the health of your organs.

Your face is synonymous with health of your hormonal systems

Therefore, if you’re noticing yourself aging more rapidly, the first thing I would tell you is,  eventually those lotions and potions and injections and such are going to fail or you’re going to have to go to more and more extreme measures, because the real problem is persisting inside of your body.

Now, I’ve known women who’ve done that, who’ve gone to long term botox usage, fillers and plumpers, and truth is, they can cover it up for a while…BUT

Eventually, it’s going to leave them in an untenable position.  Reality is, when everything looks okay, we begin to believe it is okay, despite other indications. I’ve watched beautiful women be overtaken by illness specifically because they lived their lives thinking, no, no, no…..

I’m thin, my hair is shiny and my face is beautiful, so I’m good.

Years ago, a woman walked into my office, she was thin, fit, glossy hair, a fully done face but, suffering from digestive issues, joint pain and fatigue….funny thing was, when I gave her my impression of her basic Chinese intake parameters…low lifeforce, lots of inflammation and rapid aging…she basically told me I was wrong, her evidence…that she looked so good.

But, the gift is, when we see signs of skin aging, it is one of the ways that our body is showing  how our cells are deteriorating and age is coming rapidly, inflammation is building and the organs are failing.

So, let me ask you to ponder…

If you didn’t wear makeup, if you didn’t do expensive facial treatments, if you didn’t get injections, if you didn’t get plumpers, if you didn’t do one or all of these extreme things, would you still present the way you wanted to to the world? And if the answer’s no, I have a challenge for you.  

Sit and think. Do I want to be beautiful and ill or beautiful and well, and if it’s beautiful and well, am I implementing everything necessary to achieve that goal?

If not, then maybe it is time to take a different path where beauty and health are synonymous because it is understood they all come from the same root place…

Vibrant, beautiful, healthy, flexible, vivacious cells.

How are your cells today?

If you want to see how your cells may be affected and what might be able to be done about it, set up time to talk with us and let us see IF we think we can help you.


Dr. Julie


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