I hear people say all the time how expensive they feel it is to heal.
And yet, I wonder, is it healing that is expensive or rather not having healed, and the cost of staying put or waiting for tomorrow?
If you look up simple costs of the most common conditions people present with, the costs are grim at best:
Fatigue: 2000/year
Insomnia: 2200-2400/year
Obesity: 2000/year
Diabetes: 13000/year
Heart Conditions: 18000/year
Cancer: up to 30,000/month
Autoimmune Disease: 2-10,000/year
Chronic Pain: 2000-15000/year
Those costs don’t even include the random doctor visits, the supplements bought on hope they will work, or specialty foods bought because one blogger said this diet saved their life.
Plus, figuring that women over 40 are 60% more likely to end up on Prescription meds than men, and that the average cost of those meds in women over 50 is 90/month, if you manage to live to 80, at those rates, you can plan to spend 32,400 over that time on prescriptions alone…that is if the problems don’t get worse along the way!
Staying sick without a direction is an EXPENSIVE thing to do.
If we look at the impact of the above conditions…low energy, lack of sleep and obesity often carry with them pain, loss of libido, brain fog and emotional issues.  Which can lead to low job performance, lack of intimacy in our relationships and isolation.
That loss of intimacy is a big one, it is no wonder the divorce rate in this country is 50%….50%!!!! Guess what the number one reason for divorce is…infidelity…and the number one reason for infidelity is loss of connection, intimacy and sex.
See, solving complex health problems will never be cheap…there are no McDonald’s of real healing out there, but it will forever pale in comparison to the cost of letting low energy, inflammation, low libido, hormonal imbalance, stress, immune challenges, pain and lack of sleep disrupt your life.
I guess it just comes down to whether you pay now or pay later.
There will always be things which seem to take precedence
Kids going to college
Vacations to pay for
A new car to finance
Waiting for that new job
Needing to pay down credit card debt
But I wonder, where will those things rank in the context of claiming your life?
Because we are seriously talking about life here, see, what I know after 20 plus years in medicine is that the people who thought tomorrow would be the day, never got to tomorrow, and having sat with people who were dying from conditions they never could have imagined when they were waiting for tomorrow, I can say they have all echoed the same thing:
Don’t wait for the perfect conditions, if you have the chance to stop cancer, the chance to stop debility, decline, becoming immobile, saving your marriage, living your best life…do it now, before you go so far into tomorrow that tomorrow becomes never.
If you want to act before it is too late, set up time to talk with us and let’s see IF we can help you.
Dr. Julie and the Thriving Health team
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