I read this quote the other day by an old chinese Doctor who said: 

People who think healing is found in supplements or even just in diet are looking at the branches of the tree without ever considering the root.

No words could ever be more true.

I see this so much, especially in the Functional Medicine world, people telling me about how their Functional doc ran tons of tests and then put them on 16 or 17 supplements all of which they had to take 3 times per day.  Basically, ending up swallowing handfuls of pills for every meal. But they didn’t see a resolution, so the same doc then decides maybe it is mold, maybe it is metals, maybe you have SIBO, and comes another round of tests and another round or rounds of supplements.

This is the look at the branches not the root approach to healing.  Over and over, evaluating the branches for what the ailment is, and of course, never being able to settle on a singular root cause…because there are hundreds of branches, but only one singular origin.

Sadly, this is medicine today, and sadly, a lot of people love this approach. 

But what is it getting us?

Tons of test results, lots of fancy words and programs and protocols about the newest hottest root cause…I had someone say they had been told not to eat spinach because of a potential mold issue.

Nowhere in this model are thoughts about what really will generate lifeforce or vitality…no one seems to care.  I can guarantee vitality is not found in a pill, not even the best B vitamin has vitality hidden inside.

Vitality is more than energy, it is connected function, it is balance within the body, it is lifeforce, and automatic joy, it is passion, a body that digests, eliminates, detoxes, is strong without putting lots of effort in, an immune system that effortlessly does its job, it is the ability to tap into the field of energy in nature and around us.

Thousands of years ago,when we looked at things differently, this concept of vitality was studied and grown into methods and techniques which are not as limited as just the right supplement or just the right food. It was understood that in absence of this connection and cultivation, we begin to think that health is something outside of us.

That is where we are in most of “healing” today, the outside…

Clean diets

Lots and lots of supplements

Fancy exercise programs

Positive thinking

We are using so much force to try to harness something outside of us, meanwhile not learning, or even investigating how that all connects to the WHOLE of us.  Operating this way, we end up having to quite literally go it alone, having to use bigger and bigger means to accomplish what should be simple. Which is why now, we have more people on antidepressants, anti anxiety meds, using hormones, using new cutting edge injectable medicines and trying to “hack” the system with nootropic means.

What all that says to me is, the disconnect is growing, we are losing our way and in the process, trying to manipulate our body into behaving as we believe it should.

Yet, few are asking: 

What is the reason we are succumbing so quickly to wear down and decline?

Why aren’t our cells using nutrients?

Why can’t our body detoxify?

Why are we so anxious and angry?

What does our hormonal system need?

What does our nervous system need?

These are the questions we should be asking in healing…and let me tell you, the answer is not the usual things like…leaky gut, or dysbiosis, or EMF, or low nutrient foods, or sugar.

To cultivate vitality and thus experience: 









Hormonal balance

We are going to need to look beyond the external, and learn to cultivate something else, real lifeforce at the cell, real connection, real relationship with the amazing community of life which is our body.

This is possible, and quite honestly, not even that hard, but it takes understanding of more than biochemistry and food, it takes more than mindset work (most of which is just hyped self cheering), it requires guidance and curiosity and a desire to have a true, trust filled, loving relationship with our body as the vehicle for our WHOLE.

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