There’s a difference between vitality and energy, a really significant observable difference.

See, vitality is the expression of divine language inside our body, inside our mind, in the sense of our emotions and the connection to spirit. That’s what vitality is, but energy is the appearance of the ability to do what we need to do.

Huge difference.

I point this out because I find the path to creating energy is quite simple. You just need to figure out a way to make the body steal from one place to give to another. In most cases, cultivation of energy is really the appearance of energy.

To this regard, sugar works high intensity exercise works, energy boosters like high dose B vitamins or adrenal adaptogens work, and in some cases, even Thyroid hormone replacement works like this.  Stealing from one to give to the other to give the appearance of change.

Vitality is the restoration of the actual language of creation, which is your true source of energy throughout your body, in every single system, in every single cell in association with every hormonal system to bring about the return of life.

In the path of vitality restoration, the body’s regarded as a whole and allowed to put emphasis on what is weak first and build from there and in in the process, every system is given exactly what it needs to function at its best capacity.  Along the way never do we give precedence to symptoms over patterns, meaning it will never be the case in a vitality restoration path that you falsely create the sense of an improvement in lieu of a real improvement.

See, because the energy restoration process is used by pretty much everyone in medicine today, remedies used give the appearance of improvement so that you feel initially better and think that something has been done, but end up treating the same core issue later, via a different system.  

But in vitality restoration because it is body directed and in alignment with nature,  change is sustainable, directed at the cause and ongoing.

Put it this way, if the DIVINE language of each cell is the understood root of our health and thus our healing, then if your healing path is focused on harnessing that at the deepest level, then ultimately, you have just tapped something infinite.

By restoring that connection, we’re hooking back up to what allows us to thrive in an unlimited nature for the entirety of our life.  

By contrast, when we focus on one system…the Thyroid, or the Adrenals, or trying to draw down inflammation, in many cases, treatment plans inadvertently push to create a symptom change without understanding of how that symptom relates to the other organs and systems and most certainly without reverence to the DIVINE language.  

One example of this is taking zinc…zinc is essential to quiet the nervous system, build tissues and proteins, make copper usable and more, but if cell vitality is extremely low and the transport channels at the membranes are not functional, giving zinc will interrupt restoration rather than support it.  Consequently, if given to someone without the capacity to use it, zinc will cause a disruption which will cause diversion of energy from one system to another in an attempt to use a nutrient it was not prepared to use. Thus, stealing energy from one place and sending it to another to a detriment.

Which is why so many people are swallowing so many vitamins, herbs and supplements without great effect.  

I see this all the time, lists and lists of supplements all grabbed at the hope they would increase energy, boost immunity and stabilize the system, only to inadvertently be causing more damage than good.

Truth is, vitality is the restoration of the totality of you.

Vitality is the return of your purpose and your passion, the strength of you as a woman, sensuality, sexuality, experience of joy, the experience of kindness and compassion…all of it.

Energy is just the return of the appearance of being able to function higher, for a while until what caused low energy manages to make its appearance again, somewhere else.

It’s up to you. Which one do you want.

If you are ready to give up that toxicity and start living, set up a call with us and let us see IF we feel we can help you.
Dr. Julie
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