Homeopathic Drainage


Vital to the practice of Naturopathic Medicine is the foundation of removing the obstacle to cure. Inherent to this process is drainage of the extracellular matrix.

Our extracellular matrix is the unifying medium which makes up over 90% of our body and determines how effective our treatment strategies will be. Unlike individual cells which are only in communication with those directly adjacent to them, the matrix is in communication with all cell types and all organ systems at once.

Having a slightly crystalline fluid like nature, it is responsible for maintaining cellular balance. All nutrients must diffuse through the matrix to reach the cell, and all cellular waste must diffuse through the matrix to exit the body. In illness, the matrix becomes sticky and gel like, shutting down effective cellular transport resulting in impaired cellular nutrition and accumulation of cellular waste.

Homeopathic drainage selectively targets the matrix, to open pathways for drainage, facilitating restoration of the essential fluid nature while also allowing nutrients to once again reach the cell. No other remedy based treatment modality can accomplish this task.