What is Classical Chinese Medicine?

Classical Chinese Medicine is over 3000 years old. At its roots, it is medicine to emulate nature and the natural world. Chinese medicine has beautiful terminology to explain organ function, the relationships between organ systems and how everything is related. In this way, it allows us to understand where the body has encountered stress and then by virtue of the explanation offers a clear path to treatment. The treatment modalities in Classical Chinese Medicine include Acupuncture, Moxa therapy and blended Chinese herbs.  Dr. Julie uses custom herbs blended at the National College of Natural Medicine pharmacy in Portland Oregon and specific formulations from Dr. Heiner Fruehauf at Classical Pearls.

During a Chinese Medicine appointment, Dr. Julie will talk about what you are experiencing, and ask questions, then she will take your pulse and look at your tongue. Acupuncture appointments take 1 hour, of which 40 minutes is resting with the needles in, so that the body can receive the information from the treatment. If they are indicated, Chinese herbs will then be prescribed.


Acupuncture is one of the most powerful healing modalities available.  It works by balancing the organ systems, strengthening weaknesses and removing obstacles to health.  Although many people think of Acupuncture primarily as a pain relief modality, it is in fact much more than that, working beautifully to calm anxiety, reduce insomnia, ease depression, restore normal digestion and balance hormones.  In most cases, treatment is painless and promotes a sensation of relaxation.  For some, the experience feels similar to what is achieved with meditation.  Receiving Acupuncture once per month can greatly improve immunity, energy levels, sleep quality, and hormonal balance, which is why Dr. Julie often recommends Acupuncture as a preventative and sustaining treatment.