If 15 years ago me could be given what I know now, the things that I could have avoided experiencing would be so profound.

I had signs of Lupus, and Hashimoto’s, incredible fatigue, which limited my cognitive ability and my ability to grow. So, even if I could function remarkably well day to day, I wasn’t growing! I had low libido, had been to the ER numerous times with terrible migraines, PMS, cramping, extremely heavy cycles, was cranky, angry, and snappish at my kids, lacked empathy for my husband, couldn’t set boundaries and really ask for what I needed and was basing my success as a woman on how many things I could muscle my way through in a day while feeling victimized by the process.

These were all things that I was “living” with in my 30’s. The list is awful when actually written out, but externally, I was calm, put together, I worked, cooked, and contributed to the world.

It was all cloaked under a veneer of doing because it didn’t feel like it was ever time to dive in. 

Then, one day, I said, “this is total BS” being a woman cannot be like this.
I knew it wasn’t just me, I had so many women who were in various states if the same. The bioidentical route didn’t work, I tried Thyroid but it didn’t change anything (I didn’t know the secret to making Thyroid effective), I took all the “right” supplements (Dave Asprey made a killing off me), I cross fitted, I fasted, I did mindfulness activities and got outside, I did acupuncture, massage, cranial sacral, energy work, sound healing, crystal bowl immersion and retreats.

Using my medical background and a tireless desire to know why, I found that I had been using some of the right pieces but in the wrong order and had been missing a few keys which have to be there.

The diet MUST support cell respiration and encourage Thyroid conversion, while raising cell energy and lowering cortisol.The main nutrients needing supplementation are minerals, which balance cell communication via complex alchemical relationships.We must release toxic estrogen from the tissues.We must communicate to our cells that it is safe to relax (not as simple as sitting down)We must establish trust between our mind and our body/cells.

This isn’t every piece, but it is a good part of what has to happen.

For me, the outcome was revolution, freedom, ease, creativity, strength, boundaries, growth, libido, beautiful skin, release of migraines, release of pain, awesome energy, amazing digestion and peace.

The same results happen for women who allow their bodies to really heal and dive in to do the real work.

Is it easy? No

Is it fast? No

But to have real body freedom, is worth every single bit of effort and time.
The biggest distinction I can make is when you start to understand, the quality of your life is being dictated by the internal environment of your cells and systems. The literal potential for growth, relationship, wealth and health is the state of your cell systems, this is when real transformation begins.

Women tell me this every single day, this isn’t just fatigue, this is me disinterested in my life, this isn’t just feeling anxious, this is me not able to trust, and they’re spinning their wheels and spinning their wheels and feeling stuck and more trapped as time goes on and faking it all the while, because who wants to admit that you’re just another fatigued, frustrated, fluffy and angry woman in her forties 50s or 60s.

The longer this goes on, the further disconnect from our true self we become, we negate her more and more and more until she’s so hidden underneath layers of crud that it would take so much to find her.
Yet it can be done, and it doesn’t take a lifetime, but it does take choice and effort and focus and a willingness to do the learning, open your heart and actually heal.

Dr. Julie
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