I was driving down the road the other day in my town, which is a suburb of Detroit,  I had this realization. See, there are two self storage places within a half mile of each other, which got me thinking, what do people put in their self storage units?

Here there are these big complexes filled with little garages where people lock up stuff that they don’t need right now but don’t want to get rid of.

It made me wonder what do they own so much of that they don’t need to use right now but that they also don’t want to part with?

We’ve all seen the tv shows about these units that people just stopped paying on, then, the stuff gets auctioned off and sometimes inside these places people find stuff that’s worth, you know, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100,000 dollars.

On one hand, the person who owned that unit could have sold that sh@t long ago and given themselves the chance to craft an entirely new existence, invested in something that would have changed their health, their business,  their living situation, or their relationship status. There were a million possibilities sitting there.

It made me really start to think about,  why don’t we move forward in life?

Why don’t we grasp for something that would be a bigger realm of possibility?

Why do we stay stuck so often in this story about how it’s impossible for it to change?

I see this all the time and healing.

So, it may sound odd, but, I think of it in terms of personalities. Your body is this magical conglomeration of a community of organisms and life forms living together.

Each cell is a living entity.

The groups of cells that make up your liver are then like a community that makes up another living entity. It has emotions associated with it. It has specific jobs and functions and it can get dysfunctional and then it has a whole other subset of emotions associated with it and consequences that generate.

Everything in the liver happens in relation to what’s happening in your spleen and your heart and your kidney and your lungs and your connective tissue.

It’s big and dynamic and the more you look at it, the more big and dynamic it gets. But in conjunction with all of that, then we also have the personalities of all these other lifeforms: the inherent essential bacteria, viruses, and fungi that live inside us,  plus the pathogenic ones and then you have the fact that 90 percent of the people in the United States actually have parasites as well.

Plus, there’s residuals of big infections you’ve had in your life.  On top of all that, there’s residues of things like heavy metals, pesticides, plastics or you know, maybe those misguided years where you spent time using drugs.

There’s all of these things, plus memories, emotions, past events, unrequited love, sorrow, and trauma.    

These are all things that make up the personality of the community that is you. We collect a lot of things over a lifetime.

Then, we get the inkling to find vibrance, but begin to discover, it’s not as simple or streamlined as we would like.

Because along the way, these resonances that are not towards our best existence, they have to be cleared.

Which may mean that metals have to be detoxified and that has to happen through the liver. But to do that, the liver has to be made strong. But to do that we also have to move emotions of anger and rage, and sometimes we’re addicted to those emotions, as much as we don’t like them.

We may find we are so addicted to the fight that even in our spare time we’re still going over conversations in our head where we’re proving ourselves right to another person.

This all has to be moved in healing.

So it’s a lot like those storage containers,  because we’ve got sections of our system, parts of our cells filled with the stories of years past with the residual elements of years gone, with what was.

Every day those cells are reenacting that because that’s all they know.

Consequently, we’re living in the past and trying to craft and create a future for ourselves.

Then we wonder, why do I make two steps forward and 15 steps back?

It’s because we’re living in the residence of the past. Until that resonance changes, then we’re doomed to keep repeating the same.

Now, there are elements that must be addressed at our physical level in order to get us out of the residence of the past. And then we have to hook that into how we think and how our emotions function.

And doing that launches into realms of spirit.

Sadly, not doing it this way is why so few people heal.  See, doctors have time to sit in a room with you for if you’re lucky, 30 minutes, if you’re really lucky an hour, and that time is spent on what is wrong,  what to eat, what to take and not much more.

Sadly, that’s not enough.

Most of us have entered a place where we can’t detoxify effectively because we are trying to do so without understanding how emotions are playing a role in our physical toxicity and vise versa.

In essence, like those storage lockers, we are uncannily attached to what we’ve got.
Look, the truth is, to take people deeper, it takes hours upon hours upon hours with them.  But, there is no practitioner I know that can spend, three hours with each client multiple times a week or every week in order to get them to where they really need to be, and most clients are not going to be willing to pay the hourly rate of that doc either. You’re not going to pay $200 to $500 an hour for three hours a week in order to get to where you’re going.

And so people don’t heal all the way and we fall back into that model of isn’t there a pill for that? I get that question all the time with regards to supplements. You know, my liver feels really congested, can’t I just take some dandelion? Can’t I just take some burdock root? And the answer to that is no, no, you shouldn’t Your system is not designed that way.

We have to clear it all as a whole if you want complete vitality, restoration and vibrance.


We need to get out of the thought that healing is this linear process because it never was. We need to get out of the thought that physical healing is a physical process alone or that emotional healing is an emotional process alone, and we need to launch ourselves into the possibilities of what is true, which is we always have to be working on the totality of us, or it’s always going to fall short.

I think we collect the past so we can feel comfortable with the predictability of now.  BUT it isn’t working, our heightened stress, our dysfunctional hormones, our exhausted cells, organs and systems are waiting for relief.

Thing is, liberating yourself of all those hindrances not only makes you lighter, but also sets you up for a potential future of unlimited possibility.

If you want that, set up time to talk to us, let’s see what can be!


Dr. Julie
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