So much of the time we believe our body must change to meet our ideals. 

I’m here to tell you an uncomfortable truth, it’s not your body that must change, its you. Your body is tired, it hurts and it doesn’t know what to do anymore. 

For our entire lives all we’ve gotten were messages of how it should look, feel and be by someone else’s standards. This whole world thinks the means to healing is control, subduing, making, forcing… shoving harder, and cutting out more of what keeps us happy, alive and present.

We live our lives by this really odd paradigm where we push, push and push, never realizing this is why we see so many sick and exhausted people over the age of 40. It’s not because they did it wrong, it’s because they did it just like you…. believing the media, trying the newest fads and trusting those who gain the most from our sicknesses.

We are told we just need to reign in the weight and this will all work out. When in reality, the act of healing is calling the force of creation into ourselves, healing is an expansive force of expression.

It’s the act of allowing wellness back into ourselves, inviting it. Befriending it. And this doesn’t happen by force, cutting this and cutting that or pushing a bit harder. In fact, the more we push, the more our essence leaves, the more we push, the less vibrance is available to us. 

And that’s the truth. If you want to start your journey to real healing now, I suggest you sit down and actually feel your body from a place of graciousness, gratitude and honor. I suggest you sit down and really think about it from a loving manner. You cant just think it, you have to feel and forgive. 

It starts with remembering how hard your body has always worked to get you what you’ve needed. How it worked through all the poisoning, insults, all its struggles when you’ve put it down, condemned and belittled yourself for not looking or being a certain way “society” [sic] believes you should look.

You see, the reason our cells shut down under stress is because stress is the energy of strife. It causes us to just push through yet again, ignoring our bodies cries for rest, clean food, its need for breaks, laughter, sleep and fantastic sex. 

The more we ignore our bodies needs, the more we push out the life force and make it take a back seat to our ego and our will.

If we really want to heal, we must go beyond the ego and back to the truth that we are in fact living in a divine body that is fueled at it’s core by the energy of creation itself.

I teach women how to emotionally reconnect to themselves and how to use food, thoughts and actions to nourish and repair the root problems. I teach women healing is from the source inside, and not from their ego which is full of barriers, conditions, fear, sadness and self doubt.

I teach them exactly what all is needed to finally reconnect to their birthright… their true selves. 

So I ask, isn’t it time to finally deal with the root problem and learn to conquer chronic exhaustion and stress so you can have the life you were meant to live?


It is time.

So, let’s connect and see if I can help you too.


Dr. Julie

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