Should you detox?

Detox is a big word in the healing community. Especially now as we approach the holidays.

Health food stores are going to start marketing their detox systems for the new year. It makes perfect sense, we spend two months overindulging and then, feeling bloated and awful, we reach January with a new found desire to feel good again.

But will it work?

Well, let’s talk a little bit about all of these detoxes and I suppose not just the ones that the health food stores, but also all of those being offered by natural doctors, chiropractor offices, nutritionists and more.

I get it, the allure of losing 10 pounds fast is almost too much to pass up.

What is detox anyway? It can mean a lot of things, detox is supposed to be by definition, the removal of waste from the body. Some people will tell you that they can even get into your heavy metals and parasites. So let’s take those one by one.

Heavy metal detox. Heavy metals are complex in our system, in fact, they tend to co mingle with other minerals, some of them useful, some of them not so useful. For example, Copper is one that loves to hang out with things like aluminum and mercury. Now, copper is a very useful mineral, used in energy production, immune function and brain function, but in excess or when accumulating incorrectly, it too can cause issues including loss of memory and even age related cognitive decline among many other things. But it isn’t just copper that likes to form relationships, mercury like to hang out with Candida and that they seem to form some sort of relationship as well.

Now, people ask me all the time, can I just take chlorella, or cilantro…NO!!!

Why? Because for detoxification to happen well, we not only need to release the toxins, but we need functional detoxification systems.

That means your liver, your cytochrome P450 detoxification metabolic pathway has to work correctly and for that to work correctly, a couple conditions have to be true:

  1. You have to be in a low stress state
  2. You have to have absolutely vast amounts of extra minerals and nutrients available to complete the cycle
  3. You have to have functioning movement of your bile
  4. You have to have really good nutrition

So let me ask you, if your detox pathways have been affected by life (stress, hormone imbalance, lack of sleep, low nutritional status, and even infections), do you think that it’s possible to turn them back on and let’s say 10 days or do you think that it might take longer?

Also,  if you’re like most people, and are vastly nutrient deficient and you start plugging in nutrients in your little detox package or in the potions and powders that that natural health provider gave you, do you think that that suddenly repairs 20 years of nutrient deficiencies in a month?

Furthermore, have you suddenly found a way to exit the stress of life during that limited detoxification window and have found a way to keep it turned off so the detox can be both successful and sustained?

No, none of those things are true. So how in the world can people promise you adequate detoxification in like 10 days or two weeks or even a month if they can’t meet those conditions, they can’t. What they can do is create like a momentary easing that doesn’t solve the problem.

The problem is, detox is not so simple and this time of year it starts getting marketed as being very simple.

Now, the second most marketed detoxification scheme is release of parasites.

In fact,  I just had someone say to me the other day, every year, I do a parasite cleanse with wormwood and as a result, I know I have dealt with any issues.

So, first, let’s talk parasites, like heavy metals, they are not so simple, honest truth is, 98% of Americans have parasites….even those who have never traveled to far off places.  

Why? Well, because our food system is toxic for one, add to that use of contaminated water on crops, and really rather poor hygiene practices overall.  Now, most parasites don’t cause obvious symptoms, in fact, few people will ever present to a doctor complaining of obvious parasite issues. Rather, their impact shows up in weight gain, fatigue, bloating and gas, even sleep disorders.  

BUT, you cannot just take some wormwood or other herb and clear out accumulated parasites….


Because like metals, they form complex relationships with our body…setting up life cycles in our organs and tissues such that, any obvious larger forms freely expelled from the gut are only reference for a multitude of other less developed forms hiding deep inside.  But, that isn’t the only thing, see removal of parasites also requires:

  1. A low stress state
  2. Profoundly high amounts of key minerals and vitamins
  3. Functioning elimination systems
  4. Lots and lots of energy
  5. Great nutritional status

Which is why any “sudden” parasite removal will not accomplish the real goal.  So, all those “gut” cleanses and “parasite formulas” are just hype bound to use up energy and time which could have been spent moving you into an actual state of vitality.

Vitality is key, because here is how detox really works:

  1. Your body is given all the tools needed to regain actual strength and energy
  2. It then directs the proper and complete removal of waste and parasites from areas of greatest importance
  3. Then it generates more energy, while repairing body tissues until
  4. It again, removes toxins and parasites from the next most vital place

Over and over, this happens, until equilibrium is sustained.  

Now, is detox essential?


Is detox quick?


And anyone who promises you otherwise is just attempting to sell a product.

If you wonder what role toxicity and or parasites might be playing in your health, set up a call with us and let’s see IF we can help you.

Dr. Julie and the Thriving Health team
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