Someone told me the other day that she spends 6 hours a day either researching her health, scrolling FB, watching YouTube, or escaping into TV.

Six Hours of distraction….

Think about it, she has spent 6 hours daily (which is not too far off the American average) wasted on nothing…not growing health, not cultivating spirit, not learning a new valuable skill, not becoming a better human…but distracting herself because she feels terrible.

She is tired, is in pain, has an autoimmune disease that the doctors keep ignoring or prescribing antidepressants for, she can’t play with her daughter and as a consequence, her daughter is getting obese and lethargic without mom as an inspiration.  In this case, her exhaustion has gotten to the point where she can’t even work full time because she can’t manage the hours.

Have you ever considered what this level of illness and yet non-illness costs people?  In her case, the 6 hours spent being distracted costs her 3600/month, that’s what that time would be worth.  In a year, that is $43000.00! Not to mention the money she is spending on comfort and distraction with food or small random purchases to buffer the pain, the loneliness, the wear down.

This is a crisis, she isn’t the only one, she is one of millions of women, distracting themselves into illness, pretending that in their hours reading blog posts and so called experts they are going to hit on the one thing that fixes them.  

In my opinion as a doctor, the E book and blog world has ruined most people’s health, as person after person reads one woman’s story about how eating this or not eating that saved their life and they waste 6 months, a year, trying that person’s plan only to end up back where they started or even worse.

How many have destroyed their thyroid trying keto…lost a year of time and now function of a major gland?

How many have lost gut function to detox routines which aggravate the liver and cause more toxicity to be circulating in our body?

How many have lost nights of sleep while pounding adaptogens and melatonin(which actually further damages your immune system and raises your stress response) without impact, who often get to the point of accepting the insomnia as their normal because they figure they have done it all.

Time is precious, time is our space to grow and blossom and change and it is getting wasted in distraction and nonsense.

I know you feel it, how much time have you lost already? When was the last time you felt vital? How many days have you spent reading and researching only to still be where you are? How many plans and diets and detoxes have you tried only to be right where you are? 

That time isn’t recoverable, that time, those years with your kids, or your significant other, those years where you could have been traveling, or writing a book, or even painting beautiful art…those years are now gone, given over to exhaustion, amatueur health sleuthing, bloggers with big aspirations and doctors who still think exhaustion and hormonal issues somehow are all gut and adrenal.

Most in medicine aren’t ever taught healing, and trust me, they don’t find it in the “Functional Medicine” certifications they pile on later…I know, I was functionally medicine certified in 2006…before it was even a thing.  Nope, learning how to run and look at thousands of dollars worth of labs and the corresponding herbs, vitamins and minerals you then supply people with in the face of those labs isn’t healing.

Healing is bigger, it happens when you understand the dynamic relationship between the wholeness of the individual, the physical biological processes and how they relate to the mental processing, the emotional state and how all of it relates to nature, the universe and natural rhythm.  

That isn’t found in supplements or special diets, to get to that place, it requires more than having studied nutrition or food, that place is a journey of commitment and dedication. Which is why no one ever stumbles on it on Google or buys it in an E book and why most doctors never even knew it existed.

My clients learn to heal, they learn the way to connect with their body, to understand its cues, how to partner with it, how to take specific action to nourish organ systems which are weak and how to grow their lifeforce and thus hormonal balance, energy, digestion, detoxification capacity, brain health, hearth health and tissue ease without swallowing thousands of pills and using super restrictive diets.

This is healing, and the best part is, when they learn with me, they have the tools, they aren’t dependent on others to guide their body, they can always return to the tools and techniques which are timeless and always effective to boost, restore and recover their vibrance no matter what.

This is healing.

This can be yours too, you only have to decide you are ready to really know and set up time to talk.  My calls aren’t for everyone, if you are just curious about what I do, if you aren’t really ready to learn and heal, if you want to swallow tons of pills and slather on hormone creams for the rest of your life, then this is not for you.

But, if you are ready to cultivate lifeforce, if you want to partner with your body, if you have a deep desire to know what it is like to trust your body, if you want to understand how to heal, to really heal and are ready to unlearn all the BS, then this is for you…lets chat.


Dr. Julie and the Thriving Health Team

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