Because I believe each case is unique and each person individual, I do not begin with every new patient in exactly the same way. My ideal treatment path is as follows:

15 minute consult $45 : This can be done over the phone or in person. The 15 minute visit allows us to:

  • Get acquainted with each other and assess whether we are a good therapeutic fit
  • Allows me to understand what exactly you are dealing with, and your primary goals
  • Allows you to ask questions of me regarding my methodology, philosophy and treatments
  • Allows me to see what type of initial visit will work best and provide the greatest benefit to you with regards to your goals


New Patient Evaluation: Once I understand what your needs are, I will recommend the visit which best meets your goals.

  • One Hour Initial Consult: This abbreviated new visit will be focused on very specific parameters, and is ideal when the case is specific in scope and does not appear to have great complexity. Cost for this visit: $180.00

  • Two Hour Full New Patient Visit: This visit is ideal when there are significant health challenges with indications of moderate to significant complexity within the system of the individual. Within this visit the following tests are always completed: food sensitivity evaluation, assessment for organ stress, chronic viral and bacterial infections, parasites, heavy metals, pesticides, candida, and geopathic stress. In addition, a full Classical Chinese Medicine evaluation is performed as well as a functional medicine assessment. On occasion when indicated other tests including urine, blood and nervous system evaluations are also done. The cost for this visit is $275.00 which includes a 15 minute follow up scheduled about 3-4 weeks in the future.

  • Food Sensitivity Testing: This one hour visit is a full food sensitivity assessment with a general history, the cost is $150.00.

  • Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Visit: In some cases, once I understand what the goals and issues are of the individual, it is determined that a Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture visit will provide the most benefit. The cost for this visit is $90.00

  • Smoking Cessation: Use of Acupuncture to assist in cessation of smoking: 70.00.

  • DNA Activation: 175.00 (except when offering a special, contact drtwomoon@sevendirectionsmedicine or 734-414-7669 to inquire about specials.

Follow Up Visits:

Consultation: Many times, unless we are re-evaluating for food sensitivities, follow up visits can be accomplished in 15-30 minutes. All visits are billed by the time spent based off of an hourly consult rate of 150.00 per hour.

  • 15 minute follow up: $45.00

  • 30 minute follow up: $90.00

  • 60 minute follow up: $180.00


  • All acupuncture visits are $90.00 (we do offer packages which provide a discount, please inquire directly for more information)

Acupuncture patients need only fill out a small new patient intake form available at your first visit.