Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine predates common Allopathic Medicine.  Before it was Naturopathic, the medicine was considered folk, traditional, native, or earth based.  True Naturopathic medicine strives to do a few key things within the healing process:

  • Remove the obstacle to cure
  • Restore the vitality of the individual
  • Harness the healing power of nature
  • Educate the individual to make them a stronger advocate for themselves
  • Accomplish healing without causing harm

Doctors facilitate healing, they do not heal.  They serve as guides, so that the patient can make stronger choices for their health, implement lifestyle changes, adopt a mindset conducive to healing.  In my onsite practice of Naturopathic Medicine, I use MORA Evaluation as a non-invasive way to evaluate for food sensitivities, nutrient needs, toxicity burdens, candida, chronic infections and other sources of stress within the body.  I also consider blood work and can order basic panels if needed.  I use this information to create plans which focus on how the body is stressed, the areas which need to be strengthened, and the blockages which need to be cleared.  I do prescribe supplements, Classical Chinese Herbs, and use Homeopathic Drainage when indicated, but strive to limit the number of products taken at one time.  In my view, each supplement is an instruction to the body, and too many instructions will only cause confusion.  Imagine, standing in the middle of a room, surrounded by a group of people, all of them giving you instructions at once.  Following them all would be impossible, this is what happens in the body.  Nutrients and products must be targeted, to allow the body to heal without confusion.

Distance Work/Nourishment Counseling

I offer phone and skype consults for those not in my local area.  Generally, these visits are scheduled after an individual has experienced DNA Activation/Matrix Restoration.  The activations help remove the obstacles to cure, allowing for focus on basic nourishment, nutrient support and simple organ strengthening, which can all be accomplished through a phone or skype consult.