Motivation is not a mind thing, it is a fuel and cell experience.

If you find you keep saying to yourself…If I could just get the motivation, I could feel better….

I can say with certainty, you are suffering from cell exhaustion.

It is not your mind.

We kill ourselves under the weight of self judgement, bearing ourselves for being lazy, unmotivated,  not enough and more when we are actually EXHAUSTED.

You do not solve exhaustion by doing more, so lest you think…if I could only get into the gym, if I could only do more it would all even out.

This is mind trash talk, you are guilting yourself into shame and apathy and those emotions are incapable of restoration, those emotions are not aligned with life.  Living here is dangerous, we keep pushing forward, assuming it is us, we aren’t doing enough, we aren’t owning our life, when in reality….


Exhaustion is a funny thing, because we lose connection with it, and begin to feel a lack of fatigue…that’s the stress hormones cloaking it, but in those cases, it shows up as the self talk, as pain, inflammation, all the things we think are solved by doing just a bit more.

How nuts is it, societies plans for exhausted, metabolically compromised people is to say…you need to do MORE.  This is crazy, do more????

When our children are worn out do we encourage them to do more? Do we beat them down because they aren’t running or lifting weights? Do we restrict food? Do we cut their sleep? NO!!!!

So, when will you honor you the way you would honor someone else you love? When is your wear down cause for restoration? When is your exhaustion, pain, insomnia, inflammation and slow metabolism worth healing?

Think of someone you really love…imagine them standing in front of you right now…imagine them telling you the depths of how you are feeling right now, giving you the unfiltered truth, the way living this way makes you wonder about cancer, the way living this way sneaks into your thoughts, wakes you up at night with anxious wonderings, how it really feels to push your way through every single day.

What would you say to them?  Would you say, maybe you need a vitamin or something, maybe you should cut your food some more, maybe you need to hit the gym…or would you say…Hey, it sounds like there is really something happening, shouldn’t you get this figured out before it gets bad?

We put ourselves last way too often, and it carries a big cost…women are more likely to die of heart disease, alzheimers, cancer and unnamed chronic disease.  Each case was solvable, yet in most, they put their trust in a medical system that doesn’t believe in healing, just symptom management and they kept waiting for the ideal time to focus on them, all the while putting themselves down for not having the motivation to get up and do something about it.

You don’t need motivation, you need life force, you need vitality, you need a body, mind, spirit and emotions which are fueled by something other than will.

You need to be restored, and to get ahead of those brewing issues in your body.

It can happen, and without crazy restricted diets, handfuls of weird supplements, meal powders, intense detox, having to go to a gym, without cutting sugar, without going vegan and while resting MORE.

Healing, real healing, is a whole you event where your body is given the message that it is finally safe to heal, where your body is giving the message that you are aware and ready to rest, where your body is given the message that you understand you cannot command it into life.

See, none of this is motivation, in fact, what you will find is, motivation is a byproduct of being well, and emerges with ease in a body which has real energy, real reserves and feels fueled and healed.

Ready to live that? Set up time!


Dr. Julie and the Thriving Health Team

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