Do you rely on exercise to keep your metabolism going?

Exercise is a fantastic tool for strength and for connecting with our body, for getting outside and clearing our minds.

But if we’re reliant on exercise in order for our metabolism to work, we’re setting ourselves up for failure.

I talk to women all the time who say, if I could just run again, I would lose these 15 pounds. If I could just get back to my high intensity workouts, everything would be fine. But because of injury or illness or no time in their life, they’ve lost connection to those workouts, as a result, their body starts to show them signs.

Now they took these signs to mean their metabolism tanked after they stopped exercising, but what if there’s another reality?

Our beliefs establish huge patterns in our body and our body has an innate template for perfection in action, but over time and through life, we develop beliefs that external forces are the reason we will like or not like what we like in the mirror.

The reality is that when you were a baby, when you were a child, that wasn’t true. You didn’t need to exercise in order to like the image in the mirror, you didn’t need to exercise because you had a couple of slices of pizza, you didn’t need exercise because you had  ice cream.

Those are beliefs that we establish in our adult lives and they set us on a path which is hard to navigate.

If you rely on exercise to run your metabolism… what if you tear a ligament in your knee and you can’t work out for six months? What if you end up for whatever reason, not being able to go to the gym?

Well, for many, the prevailing thought is: we’re doomed… “I’m going to be fat and ugly for the rest of my life because I couldn’t run or because I couldn’t go to the gym or because I couldn’t do my high intensity workouts.”

What if there was another reality? What if you could partner with your body from a mindset perspective, with food and your thoughts to create a physical demonstration that your body could adopt perfection regardless.

What would that to your life? Can you imagine how freeing it would be to exercise because it felt good and not because you were afraid of the scale? Or  to exercise because the strength feels amazing and not because you were concerned about a belly roll.

One of these thought patterns sets in motion and unlimited future and the other one has a conditional future. It’s up to you which one you take.

Metabolism is not a process of how hard you work your body but a collected set of responses relating to biology AND your mind.

If you want to explore changing your relationship with your metabolism, we are here.

Dr. Julie

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