Let’s meet God halfway. Let’s stop fighting biological impulses and start understanding what the divine is trying to say inside of our cells!

Let’s abandon the idea that these amazing structures we live in are stupid and inherently flawed, which is the premise of so much of medicine, stop trying to suppress any reactions and start trying to understand the why, what and how.

Think of it this way:
Our biology is not separate from the force that makes the universe, our biology is not separate from our food, thoughts, emotions or spirit.
So instead of trying to coerce by using restrictive methods, restrictive diets, and restrictive means to strong arm and push our bodies to do something that we believe is the next step. 

Why don’t we start asking what our body needs?

Why don’t we partner with our cells? Why don’t we say, I’m here to collude with you, to be in cohabitation with you, to form community with you. What if instead of seeing our cells as separate, we saw them as our community, our tribe, how would you respond to them differently if that was the case? How would you respond to your body differently if weight gain was a way your body’s been protecting you from emotional insults, from stress, from trauma, from wear down? 

What would be different about that? What if your body’s always done exactly what you asked it to do and what if an essential on the healing path was to step into awareness and collusion with it instead of seeing it as something flawed and broken? 

How would that change your language about how you spoke to your body? 
How would it change what you chose to do next? Would you take on 10 extra projects if you knew your biology needed you to slow down, would you feel like you were failing when you rested if you knew that that was exactly what your cells and systems needed?

Imagine if we as a population of women started to claim our space as collusive with our beautiful bodies? How would we think from that space?

How would we act?

What if we grew into our power, claimed the bounty of our age and then did all of that from a place of harmony with our body, trust with our body, love in our body?

What would happen to our young men and their perceptions of the power of women and their appreciations of the power of healing and the divine? 
You guys, there’s so much more magic to be had than what we’re capturing because we’re separating ourselves from our biology. 

We’re seeing our biology, our mind, our emotions and our spirit as separate entities. So nourishing one is not the same as nourishing the other, and yet in no situation, have I ever seen them all sitting in different chairs in a room. 

We have an opportunity to heal in a really big way, but to take that opportunity, I will tell you, you’re going to have to surrender the need to control, the need to coerce, the need to be right, the need to dominate, the need to push through, and you’re going to have to adopt a different rhythm.

This is the secret …Partnership.

Being willing to FEED our cellsNOURISH our organsAPPRECIATE our body.
Let’s heal, it’s time!!

Dr. Julie

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