I don’t know where you live, but I live in Michigan, and lately it’s been really hot. Sitting outside the other day in 90 plus degree heat, I was struck by the abundance of awesome blessings that come with profound heat.
For one, I was struck by the fact that heat all by itself is a demonstration of abundance, the abundance of hot hot air, the abundance of water and the humidity all around us, the abundance of life giving Sun as it beats down.  Witnessing it this way, I couldn’t help but marvel in the magnitude of abundance in action…
Contemplating this, I started to notice, how this kind of heat it makes  everything slow down…
Bird songs are quieter…
Animals move slower…
Even the bees seem quieter…
It made me start to think about the lessons there, in the heat and how little we give ourselves awareness of the lesson, because now with our air conditioning in our houses, in our cars and all the stores, a hot day just means we keep up the pace, but we go inside to do it.
I thought about what it would be like to accept the heat as an invitation to breathe slowly, to sit quietly in the shade to release ourselves from expectation and find out what blessings and meanings were hidden in that heat because… there are so many.
I expect the lessons there might take on a different tone for each of us,  in that space of sitting quietly and allowing our body to get warm and allowing our skin to sweat…allowing ourselves to be a bit uncomfortable.
That maybe that discomfort is how we actually grow, let’s think about that… in human history, except for the last what, 60 years we’ve accepted the challenges of heat and even the challenges of cold and adapted accordingly.  Just take a moment to marvel at our resilience, our will and our survival instincts. As I sat in that place, I wondered… are we capitalizing on those now? Has shutting ourselves off from the natural world shut us off from parts of ourselves we need to access in order to grow?  What if we were to enjoy our access to our modern advances and purposefully honor the role that nature plays in invoking stillness, silence and contemplation?
What if this is part of our health?  What if it is an essential to the potential bigness of our journey?
What if we adopted conscious stillness and slowing down with reverence? What would happen to our journey?
Because isn’t the lack of those things why so many of us are worn down in the first place…because we are disconnected from our alignment with the reverence and rhythms of the body as it relates to nature?
I find, too much of the time, we keep pushing even when pushing is not what’s called for and we drain ourselves by not resting on these days of extreme extremeness.  Can you think of what might happen if we changed that?
What would it do to us if we decided to discontinue our separation from nature and instead settled into connection with nature?
When I work with people in healing we focus on aligning the totality of their lifeform and lifeforce, we always seek to restore balance, rhythm and relationship.
Truth is, in all my years of work, I have never found a person who didn’t need this.   Whether you’re a little bit off or a whole lot off, reality is you’re out of balance. You’re out of rhythm, you’re out of connection, and on all levels of you, these things need to be restored.   It’s not just diet, it’s not just supplements. Think about the heat, what it shows us is, when the rhythm of life gets disrupted, we have to stop, reassess, and partner with nature in order to become aligned with what informes us so our entire self can prosper.
I rejoice in the lessons hidden in simple events, I find exactly what I needed is always waiting there, willing to bring me to another level.
What about you…what has nature been trying to impart to you?
Where are you in need of alignment?
Where do you need partnership with nature?
What will it take to get you there?
Dr. Julie
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