What does it cost to heal?

Lets ask a better question, what does it cost to be sick?

The CDC says low energy carries a cost of 20K per year.

Diabetes ranges from 13 to 20K per year.

Cancer comes in at 10 to 30K per month.

Now, many people like to assert themselves well…I am just tired, or I am just having Thyroid issues.

So, what is that fatigue? At a minimum it is cells that can’t sustain lifeforce.  If that thought doesn’t scare the daylight out of you, I am not sure what to say.

Cells that can’t sustain a vibrant lifeforce can’t send signals, can’t speak to each other, can’t differentiate…can’t defend against infection, can’t prevent cancer, can’t take in nutrients, can’t clear toxins, can’t respond to hormonal signals….

Small decreases in lifeforce which aren’t repaired will continue.  Their evolution trends to autoimmune disease, cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s and MS…just to name a few.

Without cell energy, hormonal systems become limited, and cannot self regulate. 

This is the beginning of disease.

Disease costs big time…

But it isn’t the financial toll that changes people, it is the:

Life without passion…

Life spent thinking of what you are here for while not having the means to enact the plan… 

Life spent faking joy, happiness, and presence…

Life spent not having good sex…

Life spent watching other people live the life you were supposed to live…

Life spent moving the line of normal so far you don’t even recognize your life…

Those costs crush the soul, those costs rob us of happiness, purpose, passion and love.

So what does it cost to heal? 

Look at what you have lost already, calculate how far down your lifeforce is now, and how many “conditions” you have already been diagnosed with and how many parts of your life aren’t where you want them to be and give all that a number value.

I guarantee healing if done right will be more pennies on what you have already lost.

It doesn’t have to be this way, but it isn’t just having the right multivitamin, greens mix and smoothie recipe, it is about getting to the root and learning how to partner with your body, learning how to cultivate energy at the cell and organ and how to sustain it…hint…it is not just clean eating and a good adrenal support…

My clients learn to heal and thus save their passion, joy, happiness, and even bigger, they are then able to launch themselves into their dreams and life purpose with abandon…what would that do in your life, to be able to live that way?

If you are ready, I am here.

Set up a call with me and my team and lets get some clarity on where you are and where you want to go and see what’s possible.


Dr. Julie and the Thriving Health Team

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