One of the oldest writings in Chinese Medicine is by a man many say may not have existed, and yet, his words echo today at the root of how we actually heal.

Those who know when to halt are unharmed.

[Tao Te Ching chapter 44]

Halting, an act some quantify as lazy, for others as without ambition, and yet still others as without desire.

Isn’t it funny, we all crave balance, crave rest, crave a break, to be refilled and yet we strive to overcome those desires with focus, determination, and will.  And yet, as we do so, what we seek becomes even further from where we are.  

Our constant going, our constant drive, in an effort to achieve the goal of being free, the goal of independence, a break, of rest, of security, and we find ourselves feeling empty, without help, energy, resources, peace, joy, love, creativity and health.

Is that free? 

We push past reason because we do not want to be the one who “gave up” or “settled for small” all the while dreaming of a moment we have yet to subscribe to where we will in fact allow for just that.

This is why we swallow Trillions of dollars in supplements as a country per year, in the hopes that it was just a pill, a nutrient, that special factor we needed, in order to not have to know, see, feel that we are way past that point now.

Seeking something we will rarely allow ourselves to experience, while taxing the one structure which can get us through…our body.  

Is it no wonder we cannot cultivate peace, when our perception of our lifeforce is that it is an encumbrance on our life?  Is it any wonder we want it to be simple, that we want to believe our friend who just joined that “amazing” MLM company when she says they have the most cutting edge cure for our inflammation…because to quiet that voice would have us admitting our BEING, and even our ability to BE is what is now sick?

Medicine keeps entrenching us in this swarm of information…

It’s your genes

Its lectins

It’s your gut

Its your liver

As if those things were outside of US.

Exhaustion, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain, autoimmunity…these are BEING disturbances.  Points where our WHOLE self can no longer tolerate, keep up or pretend that this model of the world, this model of medicine works for us any longer. 

Yes, there are biochemical shifts needed, but it is so much bigger than that, it is becoming whole, really being fed, finding flow, it is honoring our organs by respecting them as parts of the community we live in, it is clearing the chatter, healing the emotions, and becoming a BEING again.

That isn’t going to be found in a supplement detox program, or in an IV vitamin infusion, or in a better workout, or some patented super supplement…which is why the world is growing more tired.

We keep looking in the easy places

We keep hoping we will stumble onto it

We keep telling ourselves the same story…over and over and over…even after we know it just isn’t true.

To heal, we must allow healing, to heal we must address the body alchemy, the relationship between our systems, we must feed our cells, we must create space inside us, we have to feel and rest, detox and fill up.

I only do healing

I won’t waste anyone’s time on fluf or on false hope that you can keep going and thrive, because I know it just isn’t true.

If you are ready for transformation, you should set up time to talk

If you are done playing with supplements, you should set up a call

If you are ready to BE, HEAL, THRIVE, GET WHOLE…we should talk

One of the oldest writings in Chinese Medicine is by a man many say may not have existed, and yet, his words echo today at the root of how we actually heal.


Dr. Julie and Thriving Health

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