What would it be like to inhabit your body fully? Now, let me sort of preface this, I believe that inhabiting our body is the single greatest tool in healing, and it’s the thing that gets missed most often.

Healing has two primary paths, one of them is biological, and then the other is the inhabitation of our cellular matrix, the immersion and presence of our consciousness, of us  inside our bodies.

Now, you may be thinking, how could I not be inhabiting my body?

But I have found that in most people with all of the conditions of our lives, the stress we have, our relationships, the beliefs we have about feeling guilty if we stop and take care of ourself, feeling overwhelmed, feeling anxious, not feeling like we’re enough, constantly trying to get to the next level.

I believe that these belief systems, these thought patterns and all the emotions attached to them begin to systematically, unknowingly lock ourselves out of our body. So by that I mean that the more clamped down we feel, the more we shut ourselves out of our cell systems.

What I have seen, the longer our stress persists, the more messages of inadequate we get and the more our mind trash takes over, we kind of retreat into the safety of the inside…deep inside and it leaves the body to defend us by itself.

There are many ways this shows up:

Weight gain


Thyroid issues

Gut issues

Sleep problems



Memory loss



I believe that this is a big reason why diets fail over and over, because diets are a mechanical control mechanism on the biology, but for most people, the reason why they’ve, they’re in a position where they think they need a diet is because they’re not inhabiting their bodies.

The freedom of life comes from developing a relationship with our entire life. That starts with our body, when we have absolute trust and ease of conversation within us, then we can receive, then we can grow and heal.

Medicine is not taking this path.Why?

It is a lot easier to just try to control our biology. That is why so many people want plans to quickly silence the symptom, to force weight loss, to numb the pain (keto, intermittent fasting, low calorie,  hyped superfood everything)

It does not involve as much looking inside. It does not involve as many questions. It does not involve as much time.

I believe for women, we are at a tipping point where if we continue to follow this path of attempting to control the Divine, we will lose our connection to it entirely.

Yes, I say Divine, because what else are you?

I’d this connection wans we will yearn even more for a sense of peace, balance, joy and equanimity.

The truth is, our biology, our body biochemistry is the window to our most beautiful expression of our essential nature.

Our cells are expression of universal principles and the bounty of all the energy available.

Therefore, the real goal is to heal so that our biology can support our full cohabitation and to forgive and release so that we accept our beautiful bodies and our place in them…that is healing which has no limit.

I sincerely believe that this is the magic.

You may be wondering what happens then…

Ease and peace within us

Release of Anxiety and Depression

Release of Pain

Real Energy

Release of shame with food



Life choice

Mental clarity

Thyroid restoration

Release of chronic stress

And the list goes on….

It is something that I put great emphasis on with the women I work with because we need to address the biology, yes, it is imperative, but we also have to get back into our bodies with love, appreciation and grace.

This is the piece that is missing throughout the world, and I believe it is the piece that brings women into their power and their joy and their grace, and a relationship with their body that can’t be undone.

By getting to this place, the possibilities are unlimited both with your physical healing AND with your life.

Dr. Julie

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