How long does it take to heal?

I know people ask that question all the time and the thing is it’s not really the question we should be asking because that in truth is a question with too many variables to answer accurately.

The reality is, what we desire to heal is the accumulation in most cases of 20,30, 40, or 50 years of buildup in our bodies build up on a biological, physical level, but also on a mental, emotional level. It’s, all the programming we’ve accumulated in addition to no one ever teaches us how to actually feed ourselves, no one ever actually teaching us what makes our biology happy, no one ever teaches us how to be one.

So the bigger question to ask is what does healing really mean to you?
I suppose it comes down to, do you want to know what it feels like to be you at the most brilliant, amazing, best you can possibly be in any circumstance or do you just want to look better in a mirror and feel okay?

For right now I think we as humans have unfortunately adopted a very limited timeline view of our lives, where people used to think in hundred year cycles, we now think in 15 minute increments if we’re lucky.  I believe that that’s the reason why so many people are so desperately unhappy in life. See, nature has an unlimited timeline.

Adopting a “give it to me right now or I lose interest” philosophy, we’ve sacrificed real experiences for moment by moment blips.

When it comes to healing, many times we’re looking with an expectation to unwind 40 years of damage in 1 month or two weeks.

I hear people say that all the time, “I have a month off work I wanted to heal while I have this month off.”

But, that’s an unrealistic expectation. See to me, that quantifies what we’ve begun to do with our understanding of our physiology as we think our bodies so stupid that one month worth of effort should be able to unwind 30 years of damage.

In all honesty, this saddens me that we would disregard the most Divine structure in our existence with such callousness when in truth, our whole life adventure is supposed to actually be about healing.

I suppose for that to be true, we’d have to redefine healing as: the consistent expression of the bounty of the Divine in our life, because that’s something that we’d never want to end. That’s what healing really is, it’s restoration, it’s connection, it’s expression, it’s full out living.

What else could we possibly be here for?

So when you wonder how long is it going to take me to heal, the answer kind of comes down to, it depends on how long we’ve been ignoring our body, how long we’ve been assuming our biology would function the way we want it to and how long we’ve been disconnected.

Now, the other question is, how much do you believe in the ability of the Divine force in your cells to restore anything, and what are you willing to give to that?

I know for me, my answer is I’ll give my whole life to that because what I’ve found is, there’s always more to heal, but in the journey, the experience just keeps getting better, and that’s going to be true for everyone.
I can tell you right now that there is no process or program out there that has you “healed” in eight weeks.

The biggest challenge is, if you fall for that illusion, you’ll miss the ability to go deeper, and I believe that’s what the calling is… to go deeper, to surrender… because that’s where the bigness, that’s where the miracle resides.

The other day, my husband added to this definition beautifully, he said “Healing is where the currently separate parts of us, the physical, mental, emotional  and spirit become one beautiful us…that’s the biggest expression of the Divine there is.”

That’s it.


Dr. Julie

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