The cost of self loathing, anger and guilt are huge.

We buy cars to try to remedy this, houses too, we pick up three extra things at target, click on those amazon deals, get take out, heck, the home shopping network has been built off of these feelings 

All the while, we are trying to quiet and remedy something not found in a store or in a car…

Being totally exhausted and the utter disconnect that accompanies it.

Call it spiritual distance 

The blahs


Or just feeling flat 

Exhaustion has an interesting way of presenting as a sort if “what the fuck” attitude in life.

Now, this isn’t our fault…not really.  We must understand that life force is life and when it isn’t there…it literally isn’t there.

We cannot conjure it with a happy thought ir a better meditation, and at a certain point, exercise fails to get us there too because the high we got from that was really all stress anyway.

This disconnect, it robs us, we begin to tampen down our dreams …accept less, dream smaller.  Where in our 20’s we believed anything was possible, we now are happy with just a little.

When before we thought I can follow my heart, we now say, this isn’t so bad.

Day after day, the deeper we get into exhaustion, the more we settle, the more we decline our desire, the more we let others decline our desire for us.

Staying in lackluster relationships because we can’t fathom the energy required to do differently, deciding to not take that trip because we won’t be able to really hike or play like we want to, not connecting to others because we can’t muster the energy to make a meaningful connection.




These are the consequences 

Then we make ourselves feel better by comparing,  we think of someone we know in a worse spot…well, so and so can’t walk or so and so has cancer.

All to distract us from our current reality…we are sitting down slowly succumbing to death and have no idea how to stop it.

I know this place, having coached thousands through it, I know its darkness, and its pain, I also know it is in reality exhaustion. 

Our cells can only sustain a life equal to the spark available for use.  The thing is exhaustion is changeable, if addressed properly, it is a temporary state.  

If you want emotional brilliance and joy your cells have to be able to join you, and to get there, they need tangible energy, and this requires real repair, real food partnered to your biology, detoxification, rest, emotional release, and more.

This is one of the big things women I work with constantly report…

Joy in their home






Because this is what having energetic cells looks like among other things like



A sharp brain

Great digestion

Absence of hot flashes

A libido

Complete healing of fibromyalgia 

Resolution of migraines 

You can choose to be alive or accept a limited version of your life, it’s that simple …choice. 

Which choice matches the promises you made to you years ago…slow death and a great familiarity with reality TV or service, fun and connection with meaning?

If you are serious about reclaiming the life you are here to live, set up a call.  I only work with a limited number of committed women every month, if you are ready to set your dreams on fire, this is the time!


Dr. Julie

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