One of the things that has to happen in sustainable healing, is the healing has to do more than change symptoms.

We have to get into a state of absolute relationship with our body to the point where we can honestly truly say, “I 100% trust my body, I no longer feel like I need to control it.”

To get here, we must arrive at a place where we no longer control food, we no longer force our body to behave with exercise, we no longer swallow supplements out of panic, fear or propaganda.

We have to be to look at us in the mirror, and say: “I can honestly say, I love you so much and I trust you empirically.”

The thing is, we have this beautiful divine template, we were all born with a set of instructions encoded deep within our cells which speaks forward the absolute perfect presentation of who we are.

It is only us that gets in the way of that.

Along the way in response to insults, injuries, emotional traumas, and physical traumas, we develop a systematic set of responses and start to place rules on what the interaction should look like.  But, in the process, we tell our body we don’t feel safe, we don’t feel protected, and we don’t feel certain.

Now, what happens next, is our beautiful body, our vehicle for living hears all these messages and since it takes our security very seriously, it responds by giving us the reality we have spoken.

It assumes the responsibility of protecting us from those things. There are a lot of ways that this happens, for some people, this is weight gain, the body hears the message, there’s not enough, I’m not enough…please protect me, buffer the world, cloak me and the body says I will happily do that, and it no longer releases what it previously could have released, or in some cases, no longer even uses what it previously could have used.

Another way this happens is pain. Pain causes us to contract and slow down, pain causes us to battle the world every day, and in a state of mistrust, contraction and uncertainty, pain develops.

Another way that this develops his heart disease, plaquing in the arteries is the epitome of asking the body to create armor to protect you from the world at large.

Other ways this happens is digestive problems…talk about, “I can’t digest the world.”

Another way that this happens is autoimmune disease, the message being “I find the world’s so confusing,  I no longer recognize self from self.” “There is no trust, there is no certainty, I don’t understand any of it.”

These are all the messages encoded in those responses and it’s not a fault thing. See, the fact is we’re never taught to establish a true relationship with our body, we’re never given the keys and tools to step into a place of understanding.

We often had it when we were very little, but along the way between societal imagery and programming, other people’s own experiences, the world’s preoccupation with body modification and what the “perfect body” looks like, an excessive amount of stress, success parameters that aren’t based on anything that has to do with real success and a perpetual state of overwhelming fear, we lost it.

Sadly, as a result of this, the majority of the world, has a really dysfunctional relationship with food, has a really dysfunctional relationship with their body, and has no way to fix it.

Now we try restrictive diets because they give us a false sense of control and we love to feel in charge. “I will strong arm this into submission.”
But, if our body has already felt like we’ve been abusing it, this technique won’t work long term.  This is why I have so many women who I with who can’t get the same effect from their high intensity boot camps any more.
It’s a temporary surge.

It’s why so many people “heal” one part of their system only to find they have arthritis, heart disease, autoimmune issues or depression two years later. (True story)

Most plans never actually change the relationship with your body and never actually meet its needs or craft a new conversation.

Yet, TRUTH is, these are the only real ways to heal.

We do that through food, food is a conversation, we do that through the right nutrients, another conversation.  See, this is what gets missed, people think healing is a physical act or it’s an emotional or mental act, but the truth is it’s all of the above. Our mind isn’t sitting in a chair next to us, it’s inside of us. Our emotions aren’t being experienced by a body across the room, they’re inside of us.

Our physicality responds to all of those things. Our emotions are directly linked to the ability of our physical body to sustain a higher vibration….literally an electrical charge.

If we wear that down, ignoring what our cells have to say,  there is not place to go other than down.

The women I help learn to fuel amazing inner conversations, they learn to craft a beautiful relationship with food, to love their body, to relax and infuse life with joy, creativity and expansion, and in the process reverse the core cause of all dis-ease: exhaustion, rigidity, inflammation and hormonal wear down.

What would that do to your life?

How long do you want to wait?


Dr. Julie
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