Do you have faith in your body? I mean sincerely. Do you have faith in your body’s ability to thrive?
Do you have faith that it is doing everything correctly according to the information that’s been given?
Do you have faith that your body knows how to repair itself?
Do you have faith in your cellular systems? Have you ever even thought about them?
Have you ever thought about your Mitochondria, or your cell receptors or your cell membranes?
Now, if you don’t, your mitochondria are where among other things, energy is produced inside each and every cell. Literally, the spark of life is generated inside each and every cell through a complex series of communication reactions.
So, do you have faith that your mitochondria can keep making energy?
I ask because if you are accepting, well, I guess being tired is just part of aging, or I guess joints do hurt over 40, I guess it’s normal to have hormonal imbalance, or to not sleep so well, or to not have a libido anymore, or feel slow, foggy, cranky, short, lack joy, or not be living your dreams.
If any of those things are even remotely true in your life, I have to tell you,  I’m worried that you no longer have faith in your body.
Now, by my view, your body is the biggest demonstration of the Divine in action in your life. It is a gift of creation given to you to celebrate, given to you to experience life,  given to you to have so that you can serve and play and enjoy this gift of living.
But, if you are accepting wear down, disease, dysfunction and hormonal problems as just a part of life, I hate to say it, but it may be that you no longer have faith that this body is capable of thriving, and honestly that means your faith in its Divine template is lagging too.
What does that lack of faith do to you? What does it do to us?
Well, for one thing, it makes us accept way less than we’re capable of. It makes us accept more misery, pain, dysfunction, loss of authenticity, creativity and access to Divine inspiration than most of us will ever admit.
On top of all that, this disconnect creates distance between us and our loved ones, between us and our sensuality, our libido, strength, power, genius….our true goddess nature.
The longer we lack faith in our bodies,  the further we get from ourselves, and our dreams, and our real life.
Eventually, we find we have surrendered to pain, fatigue, sorrow, illness, autoimmunity, inflammation and stress, to the point where we don’t even know ourselves any more.
Yet,  it doesn’t have to be that way.
What I have found is, we’re kind of like that frog in boiling water where the water keeps getting hotter and hotter and hotter and we think, oh, that’s all right. I can adapt to this. That’s all right. I can adapt to this.
Let me ask…do you find yourself thinking  I’m exhausted but, I need to do 10 more things? I guess I’ll just adapt.
Is that working? How long can you adapt to a systemic raise in stress that is unrelenting and shows no signs of giving up?
How long can you just adapt to lower and lower energy, less and less connection,  less and less vitality and more and more illness?
How long can you adapt to ending up having to spend your money and your time at doctor’s not for solutions, just for diagnoses and more meds and more problems?
See, medicine, by and large has no faith in your body, it is inherently based on the premise that it is flawed and bound to fail.
What the hell is that?
If that is the principle belief of the medical system… your body is flawed and bound to fail, will they ever inspire you to have a sense of faith in your body? Will they ever inspire actual healing or will they just manage the failing system until it ultimately fails?
How long can you do that? How long do you want to do that?
What if instead of expecting your body to fail, the system of healing that you used expected your body could reconnect to Divine language and thrive beyond your wildest dreams and if that system had faith, faith that your cells are indelibly desiring to return to balance and vitality and strength and wisdom and power while you claimed your goddess self.
That’s the philosophy I have. I know you’re at the precipice, your ability to change is still present because you’re still reading this. You’re still paying attention.
I have faith in your body’s ability to be restored and in it your life to be restored to a place of vibrance you may not even recognize, and that’s a whole lot more fun than a place of subtle, slow surrender to nothing. Which one do you want?
If you want to rekindle faith in your body, reach out, set up a call, let’s see IF we can help you.
Dr. Julie
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