In the coming months, Dr. Julie and her husband Rudy will publish a book eleven years in the making: Decide. This book is about a choice we all will have to make, to walk the modern path of an agricultural society at odds with life thus putting us on a path of mass extinction or to adopt a life of cultivation where all life is given respect and honor, and our mutual thriving is dependent on our mutual connection.  Decide tells the story of where we are, how we have arrived here and how a compassionate path with intention to do no harm can reset the balance and bring the planet back into harmony.



The medicine that is missing from our lives can be restored, but doing that requires an understanding of how we have arrived at a place where our life has become disconnected from life.  Understanding is essential, restoration is a choice, and sticking with this choice requires that every cell of our being grasps the totality of our common situation and takes responsibility for it.  We have been intentionally misled about food and medicine and community by corporate interests who know that our purchases are our cooperation and our cooperation makes us accessory to each and every action done for the sake of their profit and control.  We must choose, to see and know and act or to ignore and walk silently forward.  By the end of this book you will have to make a decision, you will have to choose between acting on what you learn or accepting that you now know but do not intend to act.  My hope is that the majority of people will indeed decide to act, to radically change their daily lives to support the existence of all life everywhere.  My intention is the action will occur without strife or difficulty, it will naturally unfold out of compassion and love and hope and it will be done everywhere.  Deciding is a choice, but first you must know what you are choosing.