Day One or One Day.
I love that statement.
Is it Day One of the rest of your life where you’ve claimed the vibrant real you, the goddess you, the essential you, the sexy, you, the creative you, the inspired you, the you that has a relationship that soars and a career that you love and and a body that matches all of it?
Or is it One Day I will have those things?
It’s a huge difference and it matters greatly. You know what the difference is between those who say One Day and those who say, this is Day One is that the same amount of time passes in both of those people’s lives, but six months in the future, the one that said Day One is standing with an entirely different view of life than the one that said One Day.
Because the one saying One Day, one day it’ll happen, one day it’ll make sense, one day I’ll take that leap, I’ll make that action step.
It is literally that simple. What is the difference between the women that said, this is Day One of claiming my power, my health, energy, sensuality, my goddess nature six months ago, and the women that said, Oh, one day?
Well, those women that said Day One, they now know how to heal their bodies forever. They know how to feed their bodies forever. They know exactly how to keep their metabolism revving. They know exactly how to prevent chronic disease. They know exactly how to find joy and blessing and pleasure in their lives. Every single day.
I watch every day as women rise almost to the precipice of their joy and their vision of themselves, and then the fear based exhausted person living inside them steps forward and steals the dream from right out of their hands.
The problem is they don’t even notice it because we’re so used to being beat down and we are so used to being deprived and we’re so used to settling for what we don’t want and what we don’t want to be experiencing that when we settle for it, we now think it’s normal.
Sadly, many women think a life of vision and vitality is something that a small percentage get to live. They think those other women had something special.
I hear it all the time, they think those who leapt had unlimited resources, they had unlimited time, that it was easy for them and nothing could be further from the truth.
It’s just that those who leapt claimed day one, they claimed it.
They believed in the reason why they are alive, why they deserve to heal, why they need to restore their vitality so profoundly, that they couldn’t help but take action.
They believed that God doesn’t do accidents. They believed that God doesn’t make mistakes. They believe that you are not put in alignment with a path to the solution only to have it not work.
It was this belief that made it possible for them to choose themselves over misery.
Day One, how many times in your life have you said one day… did one day ever come? One day I’ll take that dream vacation. One day I’ll have a job I love. One day I’ll have a body that I feel victorious inside of. Is that where you’re living right now? In your dream everything? The odds are no.
How many more one day statements are you going to make before you claim Day One? How many times are you going to cheat yourself out of it?
How many times are you going to settle for way less than you want? How many times are you going to settle because it sounded like it was going to be too hard or you weren’t sure if you wanted to spend that money and invest in yourself and you convinced yourself it’s not time?
The difference between those women who heal and you is simply that they said, screw that. The difference between people who are millionaires and those who aren’t is that the people who are millionaires said, screw that. It’s Day One.
Day One of my actions, Day One of my power, Day One of my vitality… because I am a goddess of profound vitality. I am a person of power and influence. I am a person meant for service and beauty. I’m meant to be a powerful mother. I am meant to be a powerful wife. I am meant to inspire others. I’m meant to serve others. There are people that I am here to make their life better, and if I wither away in the shadows, then none of those things get done.
Whether it’s exhaustion or autoimmune disease, chronic pain or digestive issues, or quite frankly, all of the above. Each one of those is a calling out of your body as a force of the Divine, asking you to step forward and claim a future and it is on you to do so.
You were the only one that can. Your husband cannot claim it for you. Your parents cannot claim it for you, your friends, your job. No one can claim it for you, but you.
So is it One Day or is this Day One?
You decide.
If you are ready for Day One, set up a call with us and let’s see IF we can help.
Dr. Julie
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