As you approach the new year have you started to think: I bet I just need to double down in this new year. I bet I just need to get really serious about what I eat, I need to cut my carbs, I need to eat more good protein, or I need to go vegan or I need to increase my fat.
Do you tell yourself: you’re getting up and you’re going to the gym. That’s it. We are going to get the energy back, we are going to heal our metabolism,  we’re going to get really serious.
Does that sound familiar? I mean, it’s pretty much how it’s advertised to us this time of year.
How many years have you used that same mantra?
Just going to get really serious.
How many times have you gotten really serious about your food and did it change what you wanted? Hormones balanced, sleep amazing, mind clear, feeling fantastic, strong metabolism….
How many times have you seen that really happen?
Now, we have all seen weight loss, because forcing the body to drop weight by giving up its energy, by sacrificing organ and hormonal balance isn’t that rare and in many not even that hard.
But, in most people,  the result of this forcing is just another stress, and as a result, the cells slow down, thyroid communication stalls, estrogen rises, mood drops, sleep gets disrupted and causes of chronic disease increase.
Now, because energy production is the basis of life, how much energy your cells make is literally a way to quantify how alive you still are,  if you’re tired, I can tell you straight off the bat your not as alive as you should be, and if you’re exhausted, you’re even less than that.
Cell energy is an interesting thing because our body will work around the deficit to try to keep up with what we want.
But eventually cell energy is not an infinite thing, especially when it’s not being supported. And so as a result, the body starts to decline and aging happens.
And what is aging? Aging is actually cells that are no longer using energy in a positive way, and they’re becoming rigid, literally becoming inflexible.
So, think about bodies that become inflexible,  they can’t move, they hurt, they start to look stiff and rigid and unhealthy.
Bodies that can’t move eventually end up in wheelchairs. So now think about that, but at a cellular level, what happens to cells that can’t move? Well, they don’t exchange oxygen very well. They tend to accumulate a whole lot of toxicity. They start to act like old people.
They want to rest all the time. They get kind of cranky. They don’t communicate very well. Those are all the things that happen.
So the lower that cell energy gets the more those forces are prevalent in our life. For a while, we can prop ourselves up, we can use caffeine, we can use high intensity exercise.
Now,  sometimes we can even use a dramatic diet change, like really cutting carbs, it’s why ketosis so popular,  it creates a temporary dramatic stress response and then as a result you have this energy production that’s based off of Norepinephrine, epinephrine and cortisol, but it’s not real energy and in the process you’re just beating your cell systems into submission.  On top of all this, you have created huge liver stress, which turns into problems later and then eventually, you find you don’t tolerate carbohydrates at all because you have so injured those mechanisms.
See, making energy requires many things one of which is glucose.  Which is just one example of how extremes in diet, exercise and even our mindset can slow cell energy and hinder our goals.
When you think about that beginning of the year and like, I’m just going to do it. What exactly are you committing to do? What do you actually want?
Do you want vibrance?
Do you want sensuality?
Do you want creativity?
Do you?
Do you want a body that’s responsive,  flexible, sexy and alive or do you just want the appearance of those things temporarily by forcing yourself into some rigid diet that isn’t based on you by forcing yourself into some exercise routine that may or may not be actually healing anything?
I ask because it really matters, this could be your year, this could be the year that starts with day one, and by the time you get to this time next year, you could be celebrating a massively dramatically different experience in your life and in your body and I will tell you it is your life because every time I’ve seen people’s body vitality improved, their life goes right along with it.
You could claim it now, or you could reach next year and again, be saying: that’s it, I’m going to get really serious, 2020 is the year.
It’s totally your choice, but if you want the real thing, if you want real vitality, it’s going to take something more than a super rigid diet and some exercise routine. It’s going to take actually serving yourselves. Going back to the origin, replenishing energy, reducing cell age, improving cell communication, changing mineral balance inside and outside the cells, healing the Mitochondria.
It’s going to take all those things and if that’s what you want, I can help.
Set up a call with us and let’s see IF we can help you have the 2019 of your dreams!
Dr. Julie and the Thriving Health team
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