I recently read an article about obesity which both made me sad and left me a bit enraged. On one hand, the way our world shames people for their body size is unconscionable and absolutely despicable, but on the other hand, in absence of options other than beat your body into submission, cut up your stomach or take prescription meth, it seems our problem is only getting worse.  Sadly, in response to not knowing where else to look, the emerging prevailing theme is to adopt a position of acceptance and “body positivity” with regards to body size.


Now, many support this movement by citing articles which indicate that body size does not necessarily denote health, and the truth is, they’re right, you can be fat or skinny and unhealthy and your body weight doesn’t necessarily denote the totality of your health, but the truth is, that the heavier we get, the more stress we put on our structure, something the article tries to not speak about.


In this regard, we have a skeletal system that was not designed to carry 100, 150 200 extra pounds.  We have a nervous system and a vascular system that weren’t designed to keep up with that either. The truth is the bigger we get, the more evidence we have that we’re exhausted. The more evidence we have our hormonal systems aren’t working, the more evidence we have that when we encounter emotional difficulty, we insulate ourselves. Now those things can also be true of skinny people, that they are exhausted, they have hormonal imbalances, and that when they encounter emotional challenge, they don’t necessarily insulate themselves, but sometimes they consume themselves.


Now, the article seeks justifiably to advocate for ending the shaming pervasive in our medical system towards people who are “obese”  but it also seeks to use “scientific” evidence to decrease our worry about obesity if our standard labs are acceptable. However, the parameters medicine is using for health are so poor they shouldn’t be regarded, thus their opinion about what it is and how we get there is by my standards not worthy of adherence.


Let’s look at what’s true:


Blood pressure is an indication of inflammation and stress…yes, but it’s not enough… cholesterol, not enough,  blood sugar… not enough, especially considering that they keep raising the acceptable rate for an A1C. The same can be said about BMI and even most standard blood test values.  


The reason is, it’s more complex than that and what I see is, in this discussion as promoted, we keep minimizing and diminishing the complexity of the body in order to make us more comfortable, to either accept the futility of trying to heal the deeper patterns or to spin it to something which sounds enticing.


There’s a growing movement for people saying, see, I can be healthy at any weight…okay, let’s say that is true, then, let me ask, do your joints hurt? Do your feet hurt? Does your back go out frequently? How are your cycles? How’s your menopause? How’s your libido? How’s your digestion? Do you have chronic health conditions?  Can you breathe full and easy? Do you sleep well? How is your mood? Do you experience depression, anxiety or feelings of disconnect? How is your hair, your skin, how is your strength?


Because, if you suffer with any of the above symptoms or have stress in any of those systems,  then you can’t stand on the statement “I am perfectly healthy.”


Now, I get that medicine has a few boxes it checks to determine health and if the boxes are checked, you are for all intent and purpose…healthy.  No one seems to be asking the bigger questions, and from my perspective, it is because they don’t want to know. We cannot allow a broken medical system to establish the parameters for what defines our totality of health.


There is a study which claims that losing just 3% of your body weight will lower your metabolism by 17%…inferring that trying to lose weight can in fact doom you.   The truth is is that losing weight does not lower your metabolism….if it’s done by improving the outcome of communication inside your cells.


That statement alone…that losing weight will reduce your metabolism has the potential to make hundreds of thousands of people stop trying…saying: “Oh, well then it doesn’t matter”


Now, honestly, that’s bullshit.


But the deception isn’t the part that offends me, it is the reality that in this system and the pervasive thoughts which have been cultivated out of it we are being taught to view our body as a nuisance hindering our experience, and thus all the diets and programs are based on taming that wild beast and creating submission, which sucks or adopting the opposite viewpoint which is in essence let go.


Let’s consider another reality


What if our heart wasn’t just a muscle which pumps blood but rather an entity with its own personality, awareness and path in life?


What if the same was true of the lungs and the liver, our beautiful spleen and kidney too?


What if our metabolism was a part of that…needing the strength and regard for the lungs, liver, spleen, heart and kidney and more?  What if it had nothing to do with counting calories or eating less or pounding our bodies into submission?


If you begin to consider these functions of your body as personalities in action, with feelings and awareness, let me ask….


What is the message we send if we say: I am going to be happy at any size, my size doesn’t matter?


Are we calling into that heart and saying you are amazing, let me nourish and support you as best I can…let me ease your load so you can thrive too?


Or are we saying….I get to decide and you better just keep up with me?


Are we calling into our bones and saying…wow, look what you do, let me calm your stress and ease your load?


Or are we saying…it shouldn’t matter what your load is, I have plans?


In truth, your body’s been asking for reverence, reverence in how hard it works, reverence to how much effort your muscles, kidney, heart, lungs and vascular system give.  There is no reverence in “well. I guess I’ll just be positive and live my life”.


There is reverence in trying to understand body alchemy. Now, if that doesn’t result in total weight loss, that’s fine, but it’s all about what position you take with regard to your body and its dynamic nature.


Are you trying to understand your beautiful system and what it is asking for?

Are you trying to learn what the state of your cells actually is?  

Are you changing what can be changed to heal those systems and those cells…or are you staying in the bliss state of it doesn’t matter?


The way this is being presented, the point is being missed entirely.  So many articles like this one, so many podcasts all advocating ditching the efforts and accepting what is, calling it body positivity.  A perspective I see as signing our death warrants in a severe way.


Does medicine….conventional medicine have answers?  NO

Does dieting work…NO

Does cutting calories work…NO


Because these are not speaking to our bodies, they are surface efforts without the ability to create long term cellular healing, and without long term cellular healing, we won’t restore our metabolism, our energy or our long term health.  But even bigger, without healing those cells, we can’t take the load off the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, spleen…or any other part of our beautiful system which has been working so hard for our best life.


This is what’s wrong this philosophy, and it is being promoted in the context of a system that’s entirely fu**ing broken, and in that context, they’re absolutely right…diets don’t work, excessive exercise won’t work, pills won’t work, special surgeries won’t either, nor will mindset training or thinking yourself thin, but the truth is there’s another way that doesn’t involve any of this.


Until you understand what your body’s been asking for, this won’t change.  You need to see that this is not about “you” that the “you” in your head doesn’t know sh** about your cells because it disconnected from them a long time ago. We have no cultural parameters around food. We have no cultural parameters about loving our body in the correct way or about the medicines that are from plants and animals there to feed us and bring us into balance, or about how this modern life has destroyed our nervous system or about the toxicity throughout our life or about deep hormonal problems and their real causes.


Which is why we have to look where the body’s been asking for help. That’s what it’s about…has your body been asking for help?


In truth, Conventional medicine doesn’t know how to help this and if you are trying to deal with weight, hormones, energy, inflammation or anything stemming from these, you may want to tell your convention doc to F*** off.  But, don’t let that be where you stop…Dive in



Am I trying to address what is really going on?

Have I put myself in a position to hear my cells speaking?

Have I put myself in a position to restore my weakened systems?

Am I doing more than thinking myself well?

Am I doing more than holding a positive space?

Am I healing?

Am I acting in alignment with the divinity of my cells and systems?


When we operate from this place, it may include big weight loss, but more importantly it creates communication, restoration, energy, balance, and in the process longevity, creativity, vision and true vitality…something we all need more of.



Dr. Julie

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