Case Study: Shaun

Shaun came to us with fatigue and anxiety, she had to talk herself into her day most days, and while she was amazing at presenting to the world as having it all together, much of that was because she learned to hide her internal conversations quite well.

Shaun worked with us in our 20 week program and experienced: 
*Release of anxiety: no more convincing herself to get out of bed!
*Great improvements in energy AND she learned how to advocate even more for the things which feed her!
*Sleep: amazing
*Digestion: great
*Food: shaun had always just ate what she grabbed, with us, she learned to love being present with her food and really expanding into fueling herself
*Weight: she released extra pounds without even thinking about it
*Joy: She finds she is loving life, joyful, playing at what she wants to and has structured her life around what she is here for…can’t ask for much more than that!

Shaun dove in, did the work, committed to herself and found freedom and the ability to thrive!

Ready to make that call?

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