Went to an astronomy event last night, kept waking up all night in wonder.

This universe, all it’s amazing aspects and here we are so small within its midst.

Yet, here we are.

We have within us that infinite beauty and the same infinite stardust.

What magic.

What would it be to choose to live from that place of wonder?

What if we dedicated the rest of our existance to finding, expressing and loving who we are and what we are here to be?

What if we saw every part of us as a miracle?

What if our struggles have always been the challenge to rise up?

What if our fatigue us a call to change?
The signal that we stepped out if alignment?

What if our feelings if low motivation are a call to focus…on what is true and DIVINE within our cells rather than what is wrong with us?

What if our hormonal disarray is a call to recapture the balance of being a powerful woman rather than following the paths which have worn us out so badly?

Imagine what it is to live fully in alignment with the stardust in our cells….

Imagine what could happen if the dormant dreams there were reignited and loved into expression….

Partnering with the DIVINE….with the stardust and essence of creation within us.

Now, that’s living.

I don’t know about you, but partnering with the DIVINE sounds exactly like what I am here to do.

On my journey, I realize in contemplation that this is what healing deeply at the cell at the level of what is being created within me has done in my life.

If we aren’t getting to that level with our healing….and yes, not just our meditation, but in reality with our physical healing, we are wasting precious time.

One of the stars we were observing last night, it’s light took 1600 years to reach us.

I thought about that, standing in the past and present all at once.

I wonder where my light will reach…

What will my legacy of light be?

I urge you to contemplate that too….

What will your legacy if light be…
Partnership with the DIVINE?
Fully fueled service and wonder?
Passion and wisdom?

You get to choose…..
Dr. Julie

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