When medicine has termed the following issues as simply aging, depression or “hormones”, you know women are not being treated as sacred:

Unexplained weight gain (as in your food didn’t change)






Foggy Brain

Mental sluggishness

These are REAL problems, not the result of aging, or depression or just hormones.

We need to remember our Divine feminine nature, our brilliant body and its inherent magic.

We need to be honored for the lives we live, constantly serving, planning, preparing and pushing forward to hold space for tomorrow.

We cannot be allowed to succumb to being tired as a state of being, because that tired has emerged from lives where taking a break is now synonymous with:




And a sense of failure 

We cannot let misguided doctors using outdated models dispel what we experience as “in our head” when it is in fact in our cells.

We, you…have the right to heal, to thrive, to change.

The body is not ignorant, it doesn’t do things at random or as punishment, it strives to serve us to our goals as we express them.  This means when we hurt, it has a reason, when we are exhausted, it has a reason, and all it takes to solve those issues is to know where to look.

The cell!!!!

You are made of a community of cells working in concert to create one experience.  Your brain is not separate from your gut, muscle or lungs, all of those cells are talking…all day long.   Which is why addressing the environment of those cells is the first and most essential step in creating your vitality,  your return to power, your DREAM.

You won’t find many who know this, they don’t teach it in school (I found that out the hard way).

They don’t offer classes on it in health coaching programs.

They don’t write books on it (because to understand them, you would have to know 10 different disciplines).

And you won’t figure it out on your own unless you have time to go to med school, then acupuncture school and finally try and fail over 20 years of working on thousands of different bodies and cases.

Which is why I offer to work with a limited number of committed women every month and teach you how to do this for yourself. 

I cannot work with those who want bandaid remedies or those who just wanted to swallow a pill, I won’t work with those who like the victim status of their problems or those who want to keep punishing their body.

But if you are a woman who wants her sacred power back, who wants to be victorious in her healing, who has a vision of who you are supposed to be and desire to see that to fruition, I CAN HELP YOU.


Dr. Julie and the Thriving Health team

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