What if we lived by a philosophy that our body doesn’t actually ever do anything wrong?

Seriously, that even all the negative events that we experience…


Weight gain

Hormonal problems

even even chronic disease

even cancer


Seriously,  what if we adopted a philosophy that our body doesn’t ever do anything wrong?

What if instead we assumed that our body is always trying to follow the best possible path with the information provided and it does that to a level of excellence we can’t even comprehend every single day?

Think about it…

Now I know that that’s not the mantra of Modern medicine…after all, it seems to always be looking for what our body is doing wrong…and quite honestly, that is very sad.

Just by philosophy…doesn’t that evoke an adversarial relationship that’s so unfortunately profound?

Seriously think about how that weaves its way into everything we do every single day.

No wonder we don’t like foods that tend to be better for us because if we honestly hold a deep core belief that our body does things wrong, then how would we align with it?

Aren’t most diets propagated off the fact the body is doing something wrong and it’s time for us to correct it? Even food addiction, in that conversation in essence your mind is fucked up making you choose the wrong things, a process YOU have to put in check.

That philosophy assumes you or your body has messed up and needs to be corrected.  Add to that a philosophy which says: “you can’t control those cravings” and in response creates a litany of rigid rules for what you’re allowed to eat, and you have one more reference for just how little wisdom there inherently is in your system.

I once had somebody who was following bright line eating who wouldn’t increase their amount of steamed vegetable because it was against the rules…. steamed vegetable…I  didn’t ask them to eat four ounces of protein or two more tablespoons fat or another cup of carbohydrate, we were talking about steamed broccoli!

This is just one example…our conversations about cancer, about diabetes, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain…all of it centers around this core belief that our body is a mystery and sometimes just does it wrong.

But what if? What if, like I said, that’s not ever been true? What if the truth is your body’s always been perfectly aligned with the most positive outcome and the way that we’ve treated it (not always intentionally) has driven us to the exact outcome we should have expected.

Look, they don’t teach this in school, doctors don’t believe it, and honestly, our world is organized around principles which demand more of our system than it was ever designed to do.

You can’t demand your body work 12 hour days off of shitty food, very little rest, high stress that you never turn off and then think that you’re going to sustain. You’re not going to sustain health, you’re not going to sustain weight in most cases. You’re not going to hold strength when you hit menopause, it’s going to suck.

So let me ask you, what if we went to the opposite of that?

What if we assume our body has been doing the right things and that it’s us, we’ve let the “us” in our head exist disconnected from the beauty of our body for most of our life?

So, instead, let’s say we take step back, get quiet and use tools and methods which allow us to understand what is really happening? To converse with our cells, to ask better questions and look at this amazing structure for what it is….DIVINE?


Why is it doing things this way?

What have I been not participating in and then asking how can I make corrections to align myself with the best possible outcome?

What if that took place?

What do you think the outcome of this line of query is?

Probably a thousand percent better than when we ignore the body, force it into submission and keep asking why isn’t it doing what I want?

Did you know, studies show that even things like cancer can be cured with shifts in relationship and an acceptance of the dynamic nature of our healing?

Sadly, those cases are few and far between because I think most people don’t ever get to a true state of belief. They get stuck at a surface pumped up state where everything is floaty and theoretical but never grounded into the cell layer.  Those that get there, they gave up on theory and went to truth, and a deep established belief in the body’s innate wisdom as the key to all healing.

Regardless of what we seek to heal, our body has only ever been asking for a return to proper communication, which is entirely possible for almost every state.

Now, communication takes on many forms, it’s what we eat, what we put in our body,  what we think, and what we do everyday.

If we harness the bigness available to all of us and adopt a posture of gentle assistance, love and deep recognition of the beauty and immense wisdom held in our cells and our organs, there are no limits to what we can do.

It all begins with that philosophical approach of believing your body is wise and grand and has always been trying to achieve the best possible outcome.

So, Do you believe your body has been flawed?

Do you believe it is against you?

Do you believe it is wrong?

If so, it’s time to change that belief.

It’s time to understand what your body’s been asking of you, what those cells been saying this entire time. Maybe every one of those symptoms is the way your cells have to speak to you. Maybe they’ve been asking for a return to complete language rather than partial language. Maybe they’d been asking for food plans that assist them rather than food plans that are oriented on what you think the problem is or trying to control an outcome.

My clients get the keys to that language, and plans of action, mindfulness, food and even supplements to match….

What happens next is pure healing.

Are you ready?


Dr. Julie

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