There’s a quote by Candace Pert, author of molecules of emotion that says 
“body and mind are one, the body is the actual outward manifestation in a physical space of the mind”.

Really powerful words, especially when we start to contemplate how that relates to us.

If I am exhausted, if I’m tired, if I’m carrying extra weight, if I have headaches, digestive problems, low libido, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, autoimmune issues, heart disease, arterial plaque, diabetes, we’ve been taught to contemplate those as isolated events associated with one organ, one system.

Which is why we rabidly dive in to dietary plans, be they autoimmune or super restrictive for weight loss. We dive in to supplements…this one has been said to lower Leptin levels, this one adjusts blood sugar, this one is a master life altering antioxidant.

Or we dive into visualization….visualizing ourselves healed….but we never change the patterns to allow it to be so.

Rarely do we take time to understand the complexity and the interconnectedness of it all and the relationship that our beliefs have had on our cells. 

Now, a bit of truth, our cells help generate the reality of our emotions and our physical experience!

This is where it gets really complicated because you see, the brain generates thoughts and the body generates emotion. 

Therefore in order to heal from these conditions, we have to create a new relationship between how our thoughts work and the way our cells work. Meaning simultaneous effort at the cellular level physically AND at the cellular level emotionally.

I look daily at what is being offered by Naturopaths,  Functional Medicine practitioners, health coaches and such, and what I find over and over is plans that are all about restricting or let’s take away these 10 foods cause they’re making you sick and let’s replace these nutrients because five studies say they are perfect for your symptoms.  Hyper focused physical plans seeking to force an outcome via physical strong arming our bodies. 

But what I never find is a coalesced blending of the understanding that the cell function (energy, hormonal balance, gut function, inflammation, immunity) are in fact directly related to the emotional state, which relates to the thoughtful state and that physical wear down is a consequence of the impact of the way we operate AND our diet, our habits, our perceptions of our life, how we think, speak, move AND our past all at once.

By which I mean exacerbated stress is a experience that creates a consequence and it isn’t just the cellular consequence of stress, which is cells clamping down and fighting back, it is that you soon develop a mindset that you always have to be hyper alert, hyper aware that you must control everything that you must push through everything and that sense of hyper control and pushing translates into strange behaviors with regards to food, with regards to sleep, in regards to relationships, it starts to bleed its way into a type of rigidity and conditional acceptance of life.

I think that’s one of the most dangerous things that happens to us because conditional acceptance of life can derail your wildest dreams. 

I see it all the time, women say, Oh, I desperately want to heal, but it has to be something I do between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM and I only eat these foods and I don’t want to cook and I don’t really like taking supplements and it has to meet my family’s needs and my husband had just has to think it’s great and it had my job has to approve of it. 

There’s all these conditions, which is the mind derailing/sabotaging our potential.

Now, this isn’t something you can battle your way out of. In fact, the real path to healing is a whole lot of surrender. We have gotten ourselves into these spaces because we have forgotten how to be present, and because we don’t know how to connect to what’s really going, and in absence of understanding, we strive to control and reign in everything.

We heal by getting into a place of surrender and communication with our body. And I will tell you that you don’t have a template for that.
One of the things that has to happen, if you want this to change, is, you have to drop your boxes/templates, you have to drop your conditional acceptances, you have to say, I obviously don’t know what this looks like because I’m the one stuck here. You have to let yourself say yes to something that is outside of what you’ve been doing so that you can have the experience that you most love and desire.

The women who heal leap despite the saboteur voices in their head, they leap because they know they were never taught this in school, and in fact, their doctors don’t know, their friends don’t know and waiting to try and piece together a miracle is just another way to let conditional acceptance and sabotage ruin their lives.


Dr. Julie

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