People always want to know…how fast can I get this weight off?

But the real question is….

Are you healthy enough to lose fat?  Have you strengthened your awareness and body systems to the point where release of all that stored energy and emotion is something your body knows it is safe to do?

Is the body consistently warm, including hands, feet and nose?  Waking temps around 97.8 F. degrees and midday around 98.6 F. (37 C) plus?  Is food making you warmer NOT cooler?

Are you sleeping through the night?

Good energy all day?

Consistent bowel movements?  1-3 a day.

Do you have a desire for sex?

Can you think clearly throughout the day?

Lack of PMS symptoms and a regular menstrual cycle?

Lack of severe menopausal symptoms?

Ability to regulate blood sugar throughout the day?

Can you handle stress well?  Are you happy? A low stress threshold and unhappiness are unsupportive to healthy fat loss.

Are you able to workout without a drop in temp and pulse?

Do you trust your body?

Do you believe that your body template is inherently one of powerful balance and self healing?

If the answer, to the above questions are yes, then your body is healthy and supported enough to start a fat loss effort.  

If you can’t honestly say yes to the above, demanding fat loss is stressful and tells your body once again it isn’t enough, which puts you at odds with all the above parameters of real metabolic strength.

Remember the GOAL of a metabolically supportive food and mindfulness lifestyle is to reduce the overall stress on the system/body.  This happens when your body can utilize energy/sugar more completely–meaning you use more energy and produce more ATP, heat, Co2 and water.  When you use more energy at the cell level, all the systems of the body are working better, you have less symptoms and you feel more energized and healthy.  Improved health allows for easier and more effective weight/fat loss.

For many this is a paradigm shift, but without this, we create more exhaustion, more stress and a guarantee that any weight we lose by forcing through restriction, over exercise and other stress based methods won’t last.

This is what my clients learn to do

  1. Repair their metabolism
  2. Trust their body
  3. Craft a loving relationship with food
  4. Really heal to get to a place where weight loss is sustainable and a part of a brilliant sense of vitality.


Dr. Julie

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