15996903_sYour natural doctor, chiropractor, alternative medicine MD, favorite health website, or health food store employee has told you that you have adrenal fatigue.  They say it is common, that you have all of the key signs and symptoms; some have even offered to run an adrenal health panel for you to find out just how damaged your adrenals are.  Others have suggested beginning adrenal support therapy off the bat, using glandular extracts, L theionine, Rhodeolia and Ginseng extracts and lots and lots of B vitamins.  You may have asked how they know, maybe not, but they seem pretty certain you have it.  At home, you Google “adrenal fatigue” and find a long list of symptoms that sound just like you: fatigue, sleep difficulties, issues trying to lose weight, changes to skin and hair, easily getting sick, mood disruption, cold hands or feet, muscle aches and pains, headache, anxiety….and so on.  What they did not tell you is adrenal fatigue is not unique, and represents the current physical state of the majority of the population.  Furthermore, the tonifying herbs found in so many adrenal formulas like ginseng can actually make the problem worse, glandular extracts can be fraught with issues and the most important aspect unarticulated by most alternative med physicians is that adrenal fatigue is a response to physical, emotional or even spiritual stress but rarely it is the root cause.  Taking adrenal remedies without addressing the cause, will result in poor results, extended treatment times and many times worsening of the problem.


Adrenal fatigue is the grab bag of the alternative medicine world.  It is the fall back diagnosis when people are sick, tired and sleep deprived.  Everyone talks about the cortisol levels, being high at night and low during the day, and the need to regulate them to restore balance.  The emphasis has brought with it many supplements and remedies said to be the best on the market and to offer the most restoration.  Some of which even I used to use, containing cortisol in its various forms, to replace and raise daytime cortisol while telling the body to lower nighttime cortisol.  Maybe 10 years ago, this was good medicine, addressing the key cause of so many people’s symptoms, but now, toxicity, chronic viruses and other infections, parasites and GMO foods have superseded simplicity in medicine and turned the treatment for “adrenal fatigue” on end.  In today’s world, cortisol is high because the stress on the body never ends, and our cells cannot differentiate how to balance function, adding more cortisol, or taking products like L theionine to lower nighttime cortisol act as bandages rather than fixes and keep the cycle perpetuating its self.


Our adrenals have a strong biological purpose, to respond to stress and allow us to survive when faced with imminent danger.  However, modern life has confused the issue because we never have to run from a bear but live biologically as if we have never stopped running.  This stress comes from our non-stop life, our addiction to electronics, TV, and all things live and streaming, from the chemical assault in our home and body care products, in the water and air, and largely from the modified packaged foods being consumed population wide daily.  Consequently, everyone tests as adrenal fatigued EVERYONE.  Therefore, spending 250.00 to 500.00 to be tested for adrenal issues is a waste of money and will not lead to unique or essential information.  It is more imperative to understand what factors have created the perfect storm for an individual body allowing massive stress to go uninterrupted and then fixing those factors specific to that person.  This occurs with dynamic treatment focused on food sensitivities, inflammation control, organ tonification, elimination of yeasts, metals, parasites, viruses, and bacteria along with lifestyle modification, physiological regulation, and balance of essential cellular and extracellular matrix function.  No one product will do all of this, and there is no protocol for everyone, as with all good medicine, individualized and personalized treatment is key and necessary for lasting results.



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