Seven Directions encompasses everything that exists, it refers to the directionality of north, south, east, west, up, down and center and all that lies in each direction, plant, animal, rock, and tree. We stand in the center of seven directions at all times, and therefore, we are in constant contact with all that is. In my practice of Qi Gong, my teacher would say: “I am in the universe, the universe is in me and standing is effortless.” This is the power of the seven directions, being constantly connected, without pause, that is the ideal state of health and the source of all healing.

Therefore, there are seven aspects to healing, all of which have equal importance and value. When we endeavor to heal, we must bring in some activity or practice to be part of each of the seven directions. These are the Seven Directions:

North – Water and hydration, Stillness
South – Clean food (grown and raised in a manner that nourishes the earth, enhances soil fertility, provides habitat for other forms of life and creates sustainable communities for plants and animals of all kinds along with quality nutrient dense products for our consumption) The Earth
East – Daily detoxification with activities that promote lymphatic flow, sweat, and liver health
West – Medicines and healing traditions that restore balance without causing harm
Up – Prayer, meditation and mindful practices
Down – Creating community and offering service to others, humility
Center – Movement and practices that use sound and/or vibration