People want to quantify exhaustion as simple fatigue and they are two very different things.

Fatigue is… “if I had a weekend off and I could sleep in for a couple days and watch some movies and nap, I’d be all better.”

Exhaustion is, “that’s great… with some sleep, I might feel better on Monday morning, but by Tuesday I’m going to be back in the pit.”

See, the problem is, we’re assuming most of the time our exhaustion is fatigue.   Now, I get it because truly, if you had to admit “I’m deeply at my core, exhausted, there isn’t much left of me and if I continue this way, I’m going to collapse.”

That’s a pretty ugly thought.

But this is exactly what’s plaguing our healthcare system and it’s the exact reason why our rates of diabetes, cancer and heart disease are so high.  See, despite having more sources of “information” than ever before, our operating path at this time is really arcane.

At the moment we are a minute by minute society…we don’t like to think about the 30 year impact of our actions…or where we will really be in 10 years, or if we will even have a future.

So, just for a moment, I want you to get in touch with the consequences of staying exhausted and in a stress state because that stress state is part of that exhaustion whether you recognize it or not.

Let’s look at it this way…. staying in a stress state, staying in an exhausted state is like keeping your bicep perpetually contracted. Now when it’s contracted, it looks like the muscle is strong and if we’re going to go by appearances, we can for the moment say how cool is that? I have such a strong bicep.  But the minute that we finally let it relax, the muscle is going to be shaky, and in pain, and the longer that we’ve kept it contracted, the more pronounced the effect, even to the point of muscle injury.

So, this is the life of your cells in exhaustion and stress, but the thing is, we don’t ever relax it.  The scenario looks like this….about three years into constantly going, constantly being on task, constantly being hyper focused, your body stops turning off the stress response, which means that the “Bicep” is perpetually contracted.

Have you ever seen what happens to people whose muscles develop a disorder where they can’t relax? Their limbs get shorter, their strength declines, their mobility declines, their nervous system gets irritated, they often end up with chronic pain.

I want you to imagine that impact, but on every cell of your body and therefore every organ system and therefore every glandular system, and I want you to ask yourself, what’s the consequence in my life if I don’t ever turn this mechanism off?

It’s probably already presenting….

Do you feel fatigue?

Do you have difficulty moving weight?

Do you have cold hands and feet?

Is your brain foggy?

Are your moods unstable or less than ideal?

Is your digestive system challenged easily?

Do you have pain?

Is your sleep disrupted?

If you answered yes to any of the above problems, you are already there.

Now, you may be wondering…why doesn’t anyone else talk to me about my cells?  Why does everything I read speak of the Adrenal glands and Autoimmune disease, Inflammation and the Thyroid?

The answer is simple…the world orients itself around major groups of symptoms and not much else.  Consequently, everyone is looking at what they believe to be the most likely culprit on your experience…and the problem is…they are right…in a way…but not enough.

The symptoms denote areas of stress, but not THE area of stress…

Consequently, following that symptom will address one strand of a multi-strand problem, leaving 90% of the puzzle unaddressed.

Which is why taking Adrenal support doesn’t recover your energy and taking Thyroid can even make you feel more sluggish, and cutting carbs in one person can elevate blood sugar and cause weight gain while cutting meat in another can have the same effect…

In fact, many of the methods used by Functional Medicine docs, and even Naturopaths are more like trying to hyper contract that Bicep in order to get it to relax…it just won’t work.

Just based on the analogy of a muscle in perpetual contraction…eventually  it can’t release, the muscle gets tighter and it gets stuck that way. Are you prepared to let it get stuck this way?

Sadly, those other models are using symptom base approaches in a body that functions as a unified structure.

They don’t know how to look at the total picture…

Truth is….

Looking at the total picture is harder. It’s harder for you and it’s harder for the doc and you know what else? They can’t just blast your system with remedies, if they have to consider the whole system,

If they have to give up blasting your body with intense bombarding therapies to create the illusion of immediate change, then they will have to be honest with you….

Real Healing Takes Time

As of right now, the philosophy of medicine is I need to get you the biggest change possible in the smallest amount of time, so that you will keep buying my stuff…

But if you’ve been wearing down your system for 20 years, I’ve got a dose of truth for you…

If you actually don’t want to end up with a chronic disease, you’re gonna have to put in significant amounts of energy, have to rest more, use food as real medicine, stop taking every supplement imaginable, give up your addiction to stress, stop chasing symptoms, stop chasing instant gurus, stop thinking you can do the same things over and over and will somehow get different results, stop chasing one book wonders, stop wanting a magic wand and start getting into relationship with

The True, Divine, Majesty Which Is Your Body

I mean really in relationship…

Think about your origins…the union of two cells

Think about how many things your body does without prompting…your heartbeat, filtering your blood, breathing…

Think about how much your body has risen up to support you even when you gave it little rest, poor food and lots of negativity…

Think about all the times you’ve gotten sick and then healed

Or even when you cut your skin or scraped a knee and without you telling it to…it repaired that…



My clients get a path beyond symptoms, deep into the cells, deep into the root of why and then get a path out which regards their body as the miracle it is and because of that, they truly, deeply heal….


What would that do to your life?


Dr. Julie

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